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True face of Hollywood parties
GUENOT PHILIPPE10 February 2016
This story belongs to the many tales showing the actual reality of behind the scene facts, the way actors, directors, producers work together between movies, how they spend their week ends, their vacations: altogether around a swimming pool, talking, joking, dancing, laughing, but always talking about business before stabbing each other for most of them. It's a battle field I am talking about, although the alcohol, the beautiful girls in bikini snooping around the swimming pool, the gigantic buffet and the romantic music given by the orchestra. The main character is a simple screen writer who spends a Sunday afternoon among the sharks, whilst he is not totally aware of what his close future will be. The Coen brothers would have been very good with such a scheme. The story sounds like a comedy but it also evokes something disgusting, some kind of a dream smasher for movie buffs, naive movie buffs who, with such tales, may have those dreams collapse. A must see.
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