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Susan Sings
Desertman8423 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In Move On,Edie decides to organize a neighborhood search for Mrs. Huber, whose sister has just arrived on Wisteria Lane. Bree decides to ask the local pharmacist out on a date since she feels like her marriage is over. Karl suddenly arrives which surprises Susan. Meanwhile, Lynette is convinced that Tom is attracted to her newly acquired nanny named Clare.

This was another great episode with a lot of great moments in it.One worth mentioning is when Susan,played by Teri Hatcher,sings.It was such a hilarious scene.In addition to that,we get to see a lot of comedic moments when Susan meets Mrs Huber's sister,who happens to be a very interesting character.This is one reason why this show is definitely a classic.
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Found a masterful hidden gem
Brave_TraveIor13 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It seems like this wont be found as no one writes reviews for the episodes but a lot transpires from episode to episode and the fun that goes on is insane. This series becomes a show you look forward to returning home to watch! It brings warmth in your life, just having these characters in your life is a joy!

This episode was great. Between Lennettes husband seeing the nanny naked and then sleeping with Lenette and her finding out to Susan singing New York to Carl telling g jum off, what fun!

I realized many things at the 11th episode. One, why has it taken me 16 years to find such a massive great series. Two, the writers include the creator of the Golden girls, talk about Americana of the tv age! You know it's good then. Also the show Kings which I loved with Ian mcShane. And lastly, that this show is insanely addicting and like a pill to make you feel happy and in a good mood!

I'm more interested in rex marriage for some reason. I feel like the writing has been impressive between Rex and Britta. I have a feeling they will get back together. Lynnette is also a amazing character that brings great comedy. Michael Delfibi Is also very intriguing still being that it's not clear but the thing is given the Paul and his wifes suicide and Dana the baby, the neighbor being killed, it still doesnt make me feel like I need it addressed ASAP because of the many dynamics of the show that is always going on! I can always count on an episode for being entertaining and dramatic!

Even a straight Male like myself will say where have you been all my life to a show like this if like me, they havent seen this series. This show has entered the standard of quality of must see TV!
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