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  • An aspiring model discovers more than she bargained for when she agrees to a clinic's radical program of plastic surgery.

  • Determined to become a model, Cara Miller decides to undergo a regimen at a secluded clinic. She is taken there by her boyfriend Jeff, whose doubts about the place grow when he sees a young woman running from the grounds. Cara is convinced by the clinic's director, Dr. Zabriskie, to undergo their full treatment of plastic surgery, one that promises to transform her into a top model. After a fellow patient convinces Cara to break up with Jeff, he hires a private investigator and encounters the father of a former patient who died undergoing the treatment regimen. After breaking into the clinic, Jeff and the other man split up and encounter disturbing signs of Zabriskie's work. After escaping, Jeff meets up with the private detective, who has uncovered information about Zabriskie's past that fuel Jeff's concerns. Cara also begins to have doubts after she witnesses secretly one of Zabriskie's extreme surgeries, and she calls Jeff for help. Jeff returns to the clinic, where he discovers both the body of the private investigator and the other man who broke in with him the night before now being held captive. Though Zabriskie attempts to stop them, the dead girl's father succeeds in restraining the doctor, giving Jeff and Cara a chance to escape while he takes revenge for the death of his daughter.


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  • A woman in her early twenties is frustrated, because she has always wanted to be a model, but has never been able to break into the industry. She hears about a program offered by a doctor that promises to help her develop a whole new look. When her boyfriend brings her to the program, he finds a facility surrounded by a huge, ominious gate, that only she is permitted to enter. As he drives off, he sees a terrified woman run past his car, and we hear the sound of dogs in pursuit. Her boyfriend beomes determined to get his girlfriend out. While in the facility, the doctor convinces his girlfriend to have "the total makeover". Although she knows this will involve extensive plastic surgery, she is determined to continue. Yet, we sense that something more sinister must be going on at the clinic.

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