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Drake protects an idiot....a pretty idiot, but an idiot nevertheless!
MartinHafer15 November 2013
"The Conspirators" is a good episode of "Danger Man". However, it has one serious problem--one of the characters is just too stupid to be believable. Otherwise, I would have rated this one higher.

When the episode begins, Lord Arthur Lindsay is going out hunting. However, only moments later, he's confronted by some thugs and they kill him--making it appear like it's a hunting accident. Drake and the folks he's working for do NOT think this is an accident. Lindsay had been with an embassy in West Africa and was going to be testifying about a recent uprising--and perhaps those who stand something to lose orchestrated this 'accident'.

Drake heads to the island where Lady Lindsay is because he thinks she could be next. Why? Because someone put some blurb in the newspaper saying she was working on a tell-all book about her husband! When he informs Lady Lindsay about this, she is amazingly blasé. You'd think that having a secret agent show up telling you that there may be a plot to kill you would get much more of a reaction. Well, it turns out it's not because she had anything to do with her husband's death--she's just stupid. In fact, it takes this dolt the longest time to accept any of this--and that is why she was a serious problem with the show. Otherwise, it's full of action and intrigue and is worth seeing.
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Drake must protect a diplomat's wife
bensonmum214 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
John Drake's Mission: Drake sets out to protect the wife of a diplomat who was killed before he could give damning testimony on a West African uprising. The wife is working on a tell-all book and there are fears she may be the next target of assassination.

The Conspirators is good, but just not up to the usual high standards of Danger Man. The other reviewer, planktonrules, has already pointed out the biggest problem with the episode - Lady Lindsay is stupid. I'll take this opportunity to add another example of her stupidity. Toward the end of the episode, Lady Lindsay is being threatened by a helicopter as she stands near the edge of a cliff. The helicopter may be maneuverable, but there are several instances where it appears that Lady Lindsay could easily escape by running in the opposite direction to seek safety. Does she do that? Of course not. Being as stupid as she is, she instead runs back and forth along the cliff until the helicopter can finally get close enough to knock her over the edge. As Bugs Bunny so eloquently put it, "What a maroon!"

Still, it's a good episode and deserving of the 6/10 I've rated it.
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