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What da heck happened here, eh?
BigSkyMax1 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Why oh why did this so-excellent series just drop off a cliff like this? This has to be the most undignified ending for a great TV show since Lou Grant got pole-axed to shut up Ed Asner. The last 20 episodes skillfully developed these marvelous characters to a complex ending, then just...stopped. I got hooked watching the show last year on Superstation WGN. I think DVI is the perfect counterpoint to overproduced American dramas like CSI. To begin with, everyone who works in an office on DVI keeps their lights on. And there are no genius IQ superkillers who wreak havoc with gory crimes that suspend the laws of physics and logic. There are few explosions, no billion-dollar police laboratories where apparently no one worries about taxpayer dollars. Just good writing, good strong character development and good acting and directing. Yet maddeningly, the 91st and final (?) episode leaves us with no resolution to the previous three years of shows. I cannot find any info about why; the subsequent new series (quickly canceled) apparently did not show how Da Vinci got to City Hall, or who stopped the mad murdering bad Cop, or what happened to Sue, etc. The Show's websites appear abandoned. Does there exist somewhere a proper end to this series?
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