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  • Shannon continues his cooperative relationship with Anna de la Costa - the Mayor's housekeeper - who is being pursued by immigration officials. Da Vinci learns from Pierce that Council is contemplating pushing the Mayor out of office, leaving conservative Deputy Mayor Joyce Simkins as the leading candidate to replace him. However, Pierce thinks that his left leaning party would have a chance of winning the next election with Da Vinci as the mayoral candidate, an idea Da Vinci thinks ludicrous. But Da Vinci, with Kelly's assistance, plays both sides when he speaks further to Sandonovo and Gohill about the federal government's view of who and what they would like to see in City Hall. Also ludicrous in Da Vinci's mind is the City's new anti-panhandling by-law, but that doesn't stop him from being a victim of a panhandler. Williams and Curtis attend to a death they think is a suicide. The victim is known to Curtis. A mystery occurs in that investigation when important evidence goes missing. Sue's new friend in detention, Wendy Hopkins, shows her true colors when she has a visitor. "Bad cop" Marla checks in with Leary regarding the Will Summers case. Leary finally confronts Rob Simms with the DEA, who was the one who put Will under surveillance. Kurtz and Kosmo have a discussion about Kosmo's professional future. And Shannon shares with Da Vinci who and what he saw in the hotel's surveillance cameras.



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  • Immigration hit the apartment where Anna de la Costa, the Mayors maid, lives. She is out meeting Leo who is advising her to extend her visa with the help of a top immigration lawyer. She ends up going into hiding at Leos after she finds out from the Mayors wife that immigration turned up looking for her. Da Vinci is given an update on the Mayors situation by Jack Pierce. The counsellors will vote to get the Mayor our of office and put Joyce Simkins in his place as deputy Mayor. She will be the next candidate for Mayor but Jack suggests Da Vinci could beat her if he ran with his party, Pacific Alliance. Rose picks up Curtis and they head to an apparent suicide at a Drug Treatment centre. It is Don, who was due to testify against Sue. There is a crack pipe on the floor and some scribblings, which Rose asks Chick to decipher incase its a note. Leary speaks to Marla about Lila, and Marla says Lila is still holding out on where Will kept his money. Da Vinci is on his way to work when Jackie (from Season 4, Pretend you didnt see me) squeegees his windows then jumps in his car for a chat. She is angry about the new laws prohibiting panhandling and squeegeeing, and when he tells her to take a ten out of his wallet she takes the whole thing and runs off onto the skytrain. Leary approaches Robert Simms from the DEA and tries to get him to help out with Wills case, telling him theyve got him on tape removing his GPS, but he refuses, saying he is keeping a low profile. Leary drops it but says if hes in town for a while they should have a drink sometime. Leo drops by at Da Vincis office to give him the tape of Kurtz and Jacobs. Curtis checks up on the drug counsellors autopsy with Marie. Da Vinci ignores a panhandler while being prepped by Bob for lunch with Sanjay and Isabel, who will be suggesting he run for Mayor with their party. Da Vinci acts surprised and suggests he might be willing if they really have confidence in him. They have done some research suggesting his name recognition is impressive and he has a good chance. Da Vinci does not want to run for this party, however, and Kelly and Alica Ferris dad think he can beat Joyce Simkins if he runs for Jack Pierces party, who has had little success before. The plan is to court Sanjay and Isabel in order to make sure they get the current Mayor out of the way. Kurtz and Jacobs are seen in a hotel room. She tells him about the situation with Elaine and says didnt believe Elaine was credible at the time but now regrets it. Jacobs says that no doubt a number of people knew information but didnt do anything substantial about itI think we all have regrets. However, when Kurtz sees Kosmo she tries to pin it on her and then suggests we shouldnt lose sleep over it and we dont know if any of them ended up dying at his hand. Kurtz also tells Kosmo that from now on she will working in robbery as a result her mistakes with Susan Lewis. Meanwhile, Sue is getting antsy for some dope and asks the blonde girl how to get some. The blonde girl has been talking to Joe Finn and it appears she is an undercover cop trying to get a confession out of Sue. She hooks her up with an older Native woman who tells her dope is $25 a pop and needles are available used from hospital orderleys if your prepared to do a few favours. We see Sue, apparently high, at the end of the episode. Dino Rosario is getting into the swing of his new job, telling the two rookie cops who are harrassing a native guy outside Costas bar to move on, and suggesting the safe injection site. Chick tells Rose that the notes written by Don, the drug counsellor, have gone missing. Property says noone checked it out but Chick. Leary, Marla and Suki run into Simms and get him out for drinks. Suki and Leary leave but Marla stays to order food with him.

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