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Beautiful but stubborn
unbrokenmetal25 July 2014
Guards in black are taking the boy wizard Lutai (Billy Parish) with them who knows the secret of eternal youth. The old king Vog (Robert Culp) requested this abduction, because he wants to continue to rule forever. The beautiful female warrior Sonja (Angelica Bridges) is sent after the boy to rescue him. Otli and Zzeben want to help her on this mission, Bayu doesn't, because she insulted him, and Conan isn't quite sure because the victim is a wizard and he usually doesn't like wizards. When they finally decide to offer their help to the red-haired Sonja, she rejects it, because she is convinced she will find the boy wizard on her own. But you all know by now, traveling these barbarian countries is always dangerous, and one should never refuse a helping hand... This is an OK episode without anything particularly outstanding, except Sonja's costume (and that's very little).
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