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  • A serial killer has been mutilating the bodies of Eastbridge transients and homeless people -- and Tony begins to suspect the perpetrator's identity.


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  • After several homeless men are murdered, Tony suspects there may be a serial killer at work. Though Medical Examiner Dr. Loren Saberhagen insists there is no evidence to prove it, the Commissioner pursues the investigation on his own and insists on attending the autopsy of the latest victim. Meanwhile, Tony becomes a reluctant host of the upcoming Police Commissioner's Ball.

    An unhappy and defensive Saberhagen complains to the Mayor in hopes of getting Tony off his back. Then, after reviewing his autopsies of the victims, Tony discovers a series of omissions that suggest Saberhagen could be the killer and decides to exhume the dead bodies. With the murder investigation monopolizing all of his time, Tony asks Rachel to help out with planning the ball.

    Tony decides to try and get Saberhagen's confession to the crimes by confronting the medical examiner. After engineering an experiment using a lie detector on the victims during the autopsies, Tony triggers Saberhagen's criminal personality and gets him to admit to the killings. Finally, when one of the commissioners collapses, and after many complaints about the food and decor, Tony and Rachel agree that the ball was a disaster.

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