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  • After being struck with a bUlley, Tony is hospitalized and it looks like he is going to be permanently paralyzed. But his family refuses to give up on him, and enlists the help of physiotherapist Dan Boylan to help him walk again. With Tony out of commission, Cyd is put in charge of the murder investigation of officer Joe Ratowski.


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  • After nearly dying while saving his family from a hit man, a paralyzed Tony learns that a full recovery is far from certain. While Tony tries to keep the extent of his injuries a secret, even though his initial response is promising, physical therapist Dan Boyle warns Rachel against getting her hopes up. Meanwhile, after they come up with nothing, Cyd pulls Eddie DiMaestri and Joe Ratowski off their surveillance of rival mobsters Rudy Mendoza and Victor Kasabian. However, certain they are up to something, Joe continues on his own time and ends up dead. After Eddie threatens their prime suspect, Tony refuses to believe Dan's suggestion that Joe may have been involved with Mendoza-- until a search of the dead cop's house turns up thousands of dollars in cash.

    When Tony orders him brought in, Rudy disappears after diving into the river. Meanwhile, David struggles with the being the man in the Scali home, while Cyd is offered another job. As Eddie insists late partner would never take a bribe, the search for Rudy continues as Cyd approaches Victor regarding his missing rival's whereabouts. Tipped off about a possible witness to Joe's murder, Cyd sends four cop to question numbers runner Herman McCauley. But, seeing them coming, Herman asks a friend for help in getting out of town, unaware that he just may have marked himself for death, too.

    When Rachel cannot say she is positive he will recover, Tony asks her to stay away from the hospital. After refusing his offer to skip therapy and go to the race track, Tony learns Dan was once a cop himself before being shot in the line of duty. Then, during a panicked call from Herman, Tony agrees to meet him in order to learn who killed Joe. Persuading Dan to drive him to the rendezvous, Tony then watches helplessly as Herman is murdered. Finally, as the killer speeds towards him next, Tony is saved at the last minute by Dan.

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