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Jose Marquez: [Jose walks by and sees Pete and another bat boy sitting on the floor doing a task] Get a room ladies!

Pete Young: Who are you?

Jose Marquez: [Pete stands up and Jose gets in his face] I'm head bat boy! This is how it works. You guys get in my way, I'll hit you. My name is Jose. If I ever hear you say 'No way Jose', I'll hit you.

Rich: Hi. My name's Rich.

Jose Marquez: That's for your Momma! Here you're Scrub One.

[Looks at Pete]

Jose Marquez: You're Scrub Two.

Rich: I've never had a nickname! This is great. You know, I almost didn't get this job on account of my uncle is the GM.

Jose Marquez: Hey I don't care who your uncle is. I'll still hit you. Now get dressed! I want to see you on the field in five minutes. Let's go scrubs! Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!

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