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  • Woody promotes a horrible vegetable drink on his first commercial appearance.

  • Woody has a starring role in a television commercial for a new health drink called Veggie-Boy. Woody is excited before the commercial shoot, during the commercial shoot and after the commercial shoot. It isn't until the commercial starts to air that Woody's excitement turns to horror. In the commercial, Woody explicitly states that he likes it, referring to Veggie-Boy, but he finally tastes it afterward and hates it. This endorsement is a lie from a man who doesn't lie. Woody has no idea how to resolve this dilemma. Despite the fact that Lilith doesn't agree, Frasier suggests to Woody that he try hypnosis. Woody does try hypnosis, and it works - Woody ends up liking Veggie-Boy because of it. He's now ecstatic, but his euphoria is short-lived as his new found love of Veggie-Boy creates its own problem for Woody. Meanwhile, Cliff has a new enemy in the bar: Sam's new trivia bar napkins.



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  • Sam has gotten some trivia napkins for the bar. Though most of the regulars like them, they are interfering in Cliff's know-it-all attitude. When he finally has had enough, he delivers an ultimatum: him, or the napkins.

    Woody lands a role in a commercial for a new drink called "Veggie Boy." After Sam, Norm, and Cliff go with Woody to the commercial shoot, the bar throws a party for Woody when his commercial first runs on television.

    Up to this point, Woody has never actually tried "Veggie Boy," even though he says he likes it in the commercial. As part of the party, Rebecca has ordered several cases, making Cheers the first bar in town to supply the drink. Woody takes his first drink...and promptly spits it out, claiming it to taste disgusting.

    Woody then grows sad and depressed that he has lied on television, when Frasier recommends hypnosis to cure him of his disdain for the drink. Woody accepts, and this time when he tries "Veggie Boy," Woody loves it! However, he has also received a letter from the makers of the drink, claiming they are discontinuing it due to lackluster enthusiasm. This causes Woody to become unhinged, and he rushes off to find some way to get his 'fix,' as Frasier rushes after him attempting to undo the hypnosis.

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