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Lilith is taking singing lessons, Rebecca decides to check out Robin's charge d'affaires, and Woody decides to take in a roommate.
Warning: Spoilers
This is another great episode. The Woody storyline could have been better, but Sam & Rebecca's and Frasier & Lilith's were golden. The stunt Rebecca pulls in the elevator has to be one of the highlight moments of her character on the series. Frasier and Lilith's storyline was also very cute. Lilith decides to take singing lessons "so she can sing to Frasier without frightening five years of growth out of him," as Frasier put it. The guys at the bar, including Frasier, all make fun of her until she showcases her talent and makes them eat their words. This, however, is actually a plot-hole. Lilith had already sung twice on the show in "Dinner at Eight-ish" and "The Cranemakers."
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Mr. Otis Regrets (#8.24)
ComedyFan201012 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Rebecca hears that Robin is going with her rival to a party and wants Sam to attend it and tell her more about what that woman is. The party is cancelled but Sam pretends that he went there and had sex with her and that she was awesome. Rebecca wants him to teach her to be like that, but in reality she figured it all out and just wanted to have a revenge on Sam.

I really liked the Rebecca and Sam storyline. First they really got me into believing that she is so pathetic and desperate and really wants to sleep with Sam. Considering what she is doing about Robin that would be a logical idea, but they twisted it nicely.

Also liked the story about Lilith taking singing lessons. It was rather small, but yet had funny moments and was pretty sweet
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Gimme My Five Bucks Back
Bolesroor8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Woody gets a female roommate, while Sam preys on Rebecca's sexual insecurities in an attempt to destroy/bang her.

So now that Woody's girlfriend Kelly has gone overseas and is out of the picture, Woody is free to date other women, right? Well… not really. I don't think the writers knew what the hell they were doing when they came up with that plot line, and this episode is proof. Woody gets a female roommate who turns out to be a girl of the female persuasion (great gag naming her Terry so Woody couldn't tell! I'm being sarcastic.) She lives with Woody for a day and then reveals she's actually married and needed a place to stay for one night after a fight with her jealous, violent husband. This of course makes no sense. Said husband shows up at the bar and actually KNOWS Woody. In the most subtle writing in comedy history the husband asks Woody to help him find the man who spent the night with his wife so he can "bash in his brains."

Woody- in a story twist that would leave the Three Stooges red-faced with shame- points at Cliff, and we fade out as the husband chases the bellowing mailman around in circles. Brilliant! Woody never dates again and we never find out how much time Cliff spent in his coma. Meanwhile Sam's Perv-O-Meter goes off the charts again as he lies to Rebecca about having slept with Robin's mistress while trying to violate her on an elevator. Elevators were invented by Elisha Otis, and that's where this episode gets its clever name.

It the end, everyone involved is cheapened by such a weak and silly storyline, especially the pathetic antics of Woody & his roommate. We can only go up from here.

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