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Checkmate held hostage
bkoganbing26 February 2016
All of the Checkmate regulars at their various dwellings are held hostage in a very well thought out scheme. Rogue gangster Jack Warden wants Anthony George to go to Reno to both pick up Warden's former wife and to get $300,000.00 he's stashed there.

Warden's one mean man and he will not let go of Garland for reasons of ego, hubris, or simply just male dominance. She doesn't want to go back but she owes Checkmate for past favors.

In addition just like in the film Big Jake, when it's out there that George is carrying that kind of cash there are a lot of people who'd like to take it.

Of course Checkmate does get out of it, they're clever folks and it's nice to see them outwit clever criminals.
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