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Demons in Love
owlaurence24 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Here's the first piece of good news : Piper's pregnancy is *finally* starting to show -a bit. Apart from that, there's a new demon in town, and here is where things get even better : the demon, Jeric, is played by Adrian Paul, which is a treat in itself.

So the Charmed Ones now have TWO lovelorn demons to deal with, and the most dangerous one is not the newcomer. Jeric, who has to find new hosts for the soul of his beloved Isis, and Cole, who has now completely gone over the edge. When Jeric kidnaps Phoebe, Cole actually bands up with him, and manages to get Paige possessed instead of his ex-wife. He then forces Piper to choose which sister she wants to save, trusting that she will save Phoebe. Piper seldom has the opportunity to save the day, so it is a good thing that she manages to come up with a really clever plan here.

What makes this episode really gripping is its mixed tone. There are a lot of hilarious scenes, most of them involving Cole and his desperate rants. His fight with Piper is a great moment of pointless but rather satisfying violence. Unfortunately, all is not bright here. Cole is clearly slipping back into evil, to the point that he's willing to gamble Phoebe's life, and quite ready to kill Piper and Paige.

Leo's lame attempt to help Morris solve this unsolvable case also provides a funny side-plot. On the downside, why would Morris get blamed for the disappearance of a mummy, but not for that of his prisoner ?
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Realrockerhalloween29 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Jeric long to resurrect his beloved and trying to find a body that will host her spirit. Meanwhile Cole comes up with an idea to work with him to win Phoebe back. Jeric is a favorite villain of mine who mummifies women, travels the world and has a dangerous look. While I prefer him to work alone, his partnership with Cole raises the danger level giving the Charmed ones a run for their money and leads to an epic fight where Piper nor Cole can defeat the other.

Another aspect is Piper being forced to chose which sister to save from being a mummy. She's known Phoebe her while life with Paige only being around a year & a half at this point get she chooses Phoebe. While I'm glad the writers went there I would prefer if the answer was never given since it backtracks on rather they think of her as a true sister or not.
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The One Where Phoebe And Paige Get Possessed...
Taylor Kingston24 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love this episode. It's awesome. I think it's one of the most interesting Charmed episodes.

In this episode, Phoebe is abducted by Jeric, a demon, and her body is possessed by the spirit of his lover, Isis. But the problem is, aside from Phoebe not being able to control her own body, is that every time Isis has inhabited a witch, they eventually burn out and die. And it turns out that the stronger the witch, the faster the burnout. Whilst trying to kill himself in front of Piper and Paige, Cole decides to go and find Jeric. They make a deal where Isis will inhabit Paige and she will keep Phoebe's body mummified until Cole can figure out a way to win her back. Like that would go well. After this happens, and Phoebe is mummified, Cole tells Piper that she must decide between her sisters. Paige can only live if she expel Isis's spirit, but then Phoebe will stay mummified. And Paige will die if she doesn't expel Isis's spirit. As you can imagine, the choice is very touch. In the end, Piper decides to pick Phoebe, but when her and "Paige" read the spell to expel Paige, it actually expels Isis and since Isis knew the spell to de-mummify Phoebe, then Paige knew it too. They vanquished Jeric and Cole was super angry.

Overall, I give this episode a 9 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Amazing.
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