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It's not easy being soul mates
owlaurence3 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The third season begins with a reasonable plot, the first that takes place within a court. It's deeply ironic that, when Piper freezes "every innocent" in the courtroom, only two people actually freeze... Among whom poor Darryl, who always ends up on the receiving end of magic spells, but who gamely soldiers on like the good friend and brave cop he is. I really like him, I think he adds a very necessary touch of normalcy and loyalty to the team.

Anyway, although the idea of Guardian demons protecting assassins is good, the main attraction of this episode is to watch the two couples that will be at the core of this year's arc. In particular, this is out first encounter with a character who is a great favourite of the Charmed viewers : the infamous Cole Turner. Despite his hidden agenda, he is a good guy in this episode and I must say, he's got to be very brave, letting himself be knocked out to keep up the pretense that he's frozen. At any rate, the episode makes a good job of easing him in the story, while hinting that there's more to him than meets the eye. The alchemy between Phoebe and Cole is immediate, and it is rather ironical to hear her call him "an angel". This leads us to the second couple with, this time, a real angel : Piper and Leo, whose relationship has and will go through so many difficulties. Their little trip, which was supposed to be a happy event, soon turns to a disturbing mystery as they don't come back, then to a new disaster when it appears that "they" (aka, the Elders) object to the relationship. Piper reacts with bitterness and rejection while Leo is willing to do anything for his couple, and they will stick to these positions throughout the years. That Leo proposes in the toilet instead of delivering the romantic speech he was preparing for, is symbolic in this regard... because in the end, Piper still says yes.
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The Guardians of the Bad Guys
Claudio Carvalho25 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Piper and Leo have vanished for one month, and Piper and Prue are wondering if they will ever come back. When the sisters save Darryl from the killer Emilio Smith, the prosecutor Cole Turner builds a case with the testimony of Phoebe. However, Judge William Hamilton uses the pretext of the missing weapon to release the criminal. Piper returns with Leo, and he proposes her. When Emilio attacks Cole, Prue and Phoebe save him, and in the court the Halliwell sisters find that Guardians are protecting the bad guys.

In this Third Season, the mysterious new character of Cole Turner is introduced and I believe this is the greatest attraction of this show. In this moment, the questions certainly are if he is a good or a bad guy, and what are his objectives. The story has the usual flaws and silly lines, but entertains. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Acabou a Lua de Mel" ("The Honeymoon Is Over")
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An angel and a demon
Realrockerhalloween9 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A big year for the sisters as The dynamic changes forever and will never be the same again. The honey moon is over picks up a month later where Piper has been missing and her two sisters get involved in a murder plot with guardian demons who protect their hosts in exchange for sacrifices. As they go to the trial the judge and his court are revealed to be the source of the possession.

During the investigation Phoebe meets the love of her life Cole and When Piper returns it complicates matters when the elders want them apart since Witchs aren't allow to marry Whitelighters. Now both sisters will have to find away around the rules and take up forbidden love that will transcend their lives for the next three years. Two famous shots I love are when Phoebe thinks an attacker is behind her only for Cole to catch her offending leg and When Piper walks in on Leo in the bathroom and gets a cute clumsy proposal.

The ep has great atmosphere, fighting sequences and great surprising twists making it the best opener so far. The story becomes more sterilized with side stories adding to the plot or erased entirely so they make episodes more well rounded fixing a lot of the problems season one had. The only negative aspect is the clothes are revealing unlike seasons past and Phoebe should've gotten the power to astral project instead of levitation.

Besides these minor plot points it was a great way to open a fantastic season.
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The One With Cole...
Taylor Kingston3 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is very good. Once again, it doesn't start where Season 2 left off, but that's alright.

Piper has been gone for over a month, and Prue and Phoebe are starting to think that she has abandoned them. And some people are killing other people. But this always happens in life, why is this so special that the Charmed Ones need to handle it? Because the mortals are protected by demon guardians. It's Prue and Phoebe's jobs to make sure the killer doesn't walk free. Phoebe meets a new man, Assistant District Attorney, Cole Turner. Who we think is all nice and just wants to put the killer behind bars, when it turns out that he's a demon of some sort. But no one but the audience finds out about this. When Piper and Leo return, Prue and Phoebe are really upset, understandably. But Piper thinks that she's only been gone for one day. When it has really been one month. And Piper can barely remember what happened whilst she was up there with Leo. We find out that the master of the guardians is in fact, the judge. So Cole kills him, and when the sisters get there, the judge is on fire, and Cole is gone.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
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