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Shrank and Covered With Clay
Claudio Carvalho2 May 2007
Piper hires in a trial basis the best club promoter in San Francisco, Treat Taylor, as the manager of P3. He changes the visual, the style and the name of the place to "The Spot". Meanwhile, Paige meets Piper and Phoebe and tells them that she shivers when she passes by an old house where her acquaintance Finn lives. Piper does not pay attention to Paige, but later Leo accepts her ideas and Phoebe decides to visit the address alone. She is shrank and covered with clay by the demon Gammill, the Collector, who shrinks the women for his collection. When Paige and Piper are also reduced and the power of three becomes ineffective, the sisters are in a real dangerous situation.

"Size Matters" is a delightful episode of "Charmed", with a nice story and the presence of Robert Englund, the eternal Freddy Krueger, in the role of a weird demon that collects miniatures of women. The episode is very funny and the spicy scene when Paige is looking the absence of bellybutton in Finn is hilarious. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Tamanho Importa" ("Size Matters")
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Freddy Took Revenge
arturo_smallcharm20 September 2006
When first they announced back in the 2001 to Robert Englund being a special Charmed guest, I was so happy to see him as a demon or monster, I was so hooked to Nightmare on Elm Street movies, that I wanted to have more of his bad acts, And Charmed was not the exception, he played a demon sucker of witches, who turned them into little dolls, ready to be collected.

Robert Englund will be always one of my favorite actors of horror movies, that's why I loved Charmed more than before.

I hope you can enjoy this episode as well as I did, trust me this is the best one of season 4, the Rose McGowan's debut in the series.
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Nightmare on Prescott Street
Realrockerhalloween20 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Robert Englund was a great treat for horror and charmed fans as a demon or warlock who lives next door. His bad puns, creepy demeanor and collecting hummels for his collection reminded me very much of his elm street character. My only problem with his character is he was cursed by witches to become ugly, which would be a great way to use his Freddy makeup, and we never find out why he collects hummels.

Besides a nice guest star, Piper and Phoebe are still mourning Prue by thinking she will be forgotten and it takes a metaphor in her club being changed with the sign P3 being shattered with. Piper saying: what does it matter anyway? P3 is dead." when the sisters reunite at the end becoming stronger after taking out the demon Leo heals the sign to show the power of three lives on along with their fallen sister's memory. This was also the first time Paige gets to experience losing an innocent being new to witchcraft and getting to know Clay tied into the first story about remembering lost loved ones and their memory living on.
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The One Where The Sisters Shrink...
Taylor Kingston6 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really like this episode. It's not one of my favorites but it is very creative.

In this episode, Paige gets a funny feeling, chills, when she walks past a house. It doesn't take a witch to know that this place is creepy. But she still investigates it. Phoebe goes into the house, not waiting for Paige like she should've, and gets shrunk. Later, looking for Phoebe, Paige lures the man who lives there out, and Piper and Leo orb in. They find creepy ceramic figurines of woman. These turn out to be real woman who this demon has shrunk, put in the kiln and then painted. Creepy indeed. They find out that the man who lives there wasn't born, and was actually made of clay. He is the demon's apprentice. The demon goes to the Manor and kills the apprentice and shrinks Piper and Paige. Then they try and get free. Paige orbs out of her clay and breaks the clay on her sisters and the innocent woman with them. Then they shrink the demon with his own wand. Then they recite a spell to vanquish the demon, this also turning them back to their regular size. Meanwhile, P3 has a makeover and becomes The Spot, only to be changed back by the end of the episode.

Overall, I give this episode a 7 out of 10.
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Paige gets this weird evil feeling when she passes near some house
Blue_Pink_Sky5 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Paige gets this weird evil feeling when she passes near some house nearby and she tells her sisters about her feeling ,but they don't care a great deal about her feeling 'cause she told them that in this house lives a guy that she likes ,so when she tells them that she feels a shiver down her back when she passes near it they ignore her. Paige decides to go to the house and see for herself if the house is evil or not . It turns out that this guy lives with an old man that turns women into really little people using some sort of a gun then puts wax upon them and leave them to dry off until they turn into really little statues.When Paige enters the house with the guy he leaves her alone and she goes to check out this place and to her astonishment she finds out a lot of statues of little people,then this old man appears and uses some sort of a gun to make her little .
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