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Ghosts Are Legit And Helpful
Desertman8425 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
While visiting Tiffany's old college friend Erica Burke,she together with Kelly and Kris are alerted to mysterious occurrences at Erica's mansion in this episode entitled Of Ghosts And Angels.

Tiffany suffers recurring nightmares about driving to a castle on a rainy night and seeing a dark-haired woman in a wheelchair pushed down a flight of stairs. She goes to visit her college friend Erica. She is stunned to discover that Erica's house is the same one from her nightmares, and Erica confesses that she detects a sinister presence. Erica's husband, Clifford, dismisses the whole thing as nonsense. Kelly and Kris arrive the next day, and Tiffany explains what has happened. They are surprised to learn from Erica that Tiffany was found to be sensitive to the paranormal in a test. A car with no driver apparently tries to run down Erica and Tiffany. Tiffany talks with Clifford's staff - an old married couple - and learns that he was previously married. His previous wife, Madeleine, was a brunette confined to a wheelchair because of polio. She was murdered during a masquerade party, supposedly by an escaped convict who stole her engagement ring; but her killer was never captured. Mrs. Craig believes that Madeleine doesn't like the idea of another woman living in her house and is trying to drive Erica away. Clifford and Erica's party that night is to be the first in the house since the killing. Tiffany fears that something terrible will happen after she sees Erica, who suffered a sprained ankle escaping the car, in a wheelchair.

While Tiffany talks with Kris and Kelly, the windows suddenly open and the bed shakes. Lights begin selectively turning on and off, and Tiffany suspects that Madeleine wants to be followed. The ghost lights a secret passageway and leads Tiffany to a storage room, where she finds Madeleine's engagement ring with the diamond missing. Kris finds her, and Tiffany explains that Clifford killed his wife and sold the diamond. Kelly tries to keep an eye on Erica, but Clifford distracts her and takes Erica back upstairs. Tiffany and Kris race off to try to save Erica; the ghost holds the kitchen door closed so that Tiffany will have to go upstairs. Clifford leaves Erica alone for a moment, and then returns in a skeleton costume and tries to push her down the stairs. Tiffany arrives and cries out, alerting Erica. She eludes Clifford, who falls down the stairs and dies. They learn that Clifford killed at least two young wives for their insurance money.

This is definitely an excellent episode.Despite the fact that it tries to be horror in genre and spooky in nature,we get to see more development in Tiffany's character as having some sort of a paranormal and psychic abilities as well as being the bravest, smartest, nicest and most resourceful Angel.Also,what makes it different from an episode similar to this entitled Haunted Angels is that all the ghost that are involved are pretty much of a scam.But this time,there is no scam available.In fact,the ghosts were helpful in solving the mystery involved.Finally,I get to like the humor involving Bosley when he doubted the existence of Madeline for in this episode the ghost are definitely legit and helpful.
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It was a dark and stormy night....
gridoon201811 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Charlie's Angels" occasionally liked to do a spoooooky episode: season 2 had "Unidintified Flying Angels", season 3 had "Haunted Angels" (one of my favorites), and season 4 has "Of Ghosts And Angels". In this one, the Angels plan to spend a quiet weekend in the big Victorian house of a close friend of Tiffany's, but things there are not so quiet: both Tiffany and her friend sense an unseen presence in the house - a presence that may feel they're unwelcome there. I would like to rate this episode higher, because it so lovingly re-creates all the clichés of the "haunted house" genre (thunderstorm, windows that open and close at will, swinging chandeliers, secret passages, etc.), and because it has some startling touches (like the clock that starts working again), but I can't, for two reasons (spoilers follow): a) the plot hole of the car that almost runs Erica over (why does the ghost do that, since it turns out to be non-malicious towards her?), and b) Paul Burke is miscast as the husband: he's too old and creepy for Erica, which makes you suspect him right from the start. However, "Of Ghosts...." does have possibly THE funniest ending of all "Charlie's Angels" episodes. **1/2 out of 4.
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Ridiculous episode. Welcome to 1980s garbage TV.
Discus Coquinarius8 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The first episode of the 1980s is also one of the worst. The script is ridiculous and childish and ghosts are presented as being real and the proof they show of it is furniture moving around. Tiffany is presented as a fool who believes that ghosts are real and is constantly feeling the presence of a ghost who likes to open windows and make noises.

But what can you expect from the 1980s, one of the worst decades for television. From this point on the episodes become increasingly dumbed down. At the end of this episode, Bosley's desk moves when he expresses skepticism that ghosts exists and then his desk moves wildly about. Pathetic and Lame.
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