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70s television in all its glory
bensonmum211 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Season 3 of Charlie's Angels gets off to a bang as the Angels head to Vegas for a double episode with guest star Dean Martin. Watching Deano walk through a casino with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other isn't much of a stretch. Martin is a casino owner who has seen a number of unfortunate events around him. Most recently, one of the women working in his casino was killed. The Angels are hired to find out what's behind the series of "accidents" and put a stop to them. Once there, they find no shortage of suspects and it becomes quite obvious that someone doesn't want them to complete their investigation.

Yeah, Angels in Vegas is 70s television in all its glory. It's cheesy, unrealistic, and a whole lot of fun. If you're going to enjoy this stuff, you simply cannot take it seriously. And I think that's why it appeals to me. When I watch TV today, everything is so realistic and so serious. Murder scenes are graphic and investigators barely crack a smile. The world is tough enough without bringing it into my living room every night. I want to be entertained. I want escapism. I want to have a good time. And that's just what a show like Charlie's Angels does for me. Angels in Vegas may not be the best episode in the series, but I had a good time with it. It's the kind of television I miss.
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A Great Start For The Third Season
Desertman8430 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When violent and suspicious deaths strike his closest friends, a casino boss hires Charlie's female private investigators.Sabrina,Kelly and Kris go undercover at the Tropicana Casino at Las Vegas in Angels In Vegas.

Frank Howell, owner of the Tropicana casino in Las Vegas, seeks the Charlie's help after two of his employees are killed. He mentions other mysterious happenings, and suspects that someone is out to get him. Sabrina poses as his assistant, and they quickly begin falling for each other. Kelly wins a spot in the chorus line and befriends Joan Wells, the dance captain and roommate of one of the victims, Mary Phillips. Kris gets a job as a backup singer for Marty Cole. He mentions that she bears a striking resemblance to his late wife. Someone in a black truck fires a shot at comedian Joey January. Frank believes that the incident was staged, as the disgruntled Joey is trying to use it to get out of his contract. The Angels must discover the culprit behind the series of mysterious murders before it's too late.

This 2-part adventure takes the Angels to Las Vegas.We get to see them involved in plot lines of their own wherein Sabrina falls in love with Frank Howell;Kris performs on stage; and Kelly gets a gig in a can- can.Aside from having Dean Martin as a special guest in it,we get to see a great story wherein the screenplay was excellent and the complexities of the case being solved by the Angels are difficult in the sense that there are not that many clues left in it.Obviously,this is one great 2- part episode and a great start for the third season.
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robrosenberger13 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Wretchedly, irredeemably appalling. Not the "so bad it's good" kind of bad, either, rather the throw-a-lamp appalling. Dean Martin plays a casino owner who hires the Angels to investigate deaths at his casino. He and Sabrina become romantically involved, and they don't have nearly enough chemistry or well-written lines to overcome one's frustration with Hollywood's dipping yet again (and again and again and again and again) into the old man/young woman well. They also had the services of Scatman Crothers, Dick Sargent (in his second ANGELS spin), Michael Conrad of HILL STREET BLUES, and Robert Urich, but the only people who could enjoy this one are bulimics.
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