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Farrah's BAAAAACK!!!
robrosenberger13 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Wheeeeeeee!!! Farrah returns from the European racing circuit, summoned by a counterfeit cable. The producers take the bull by the horns, starting off with a solitary "reunion" between Jill and sister Kris, who'd never met on screen. It works, touchingly so. The costume designers have fun...under some accessories, Farrah's first costume is a poster-iconic red swimsuit, with heavenly nipples just where we left them. Everyone gets caught up in a mystery involving a new racing engine. Jill's fiancé arrives, heavenly played by Stepen Collins (SEVENTH HEAVEN's Rev, STAR TREK's Will Decker). Jackie Stewart pops in. It's all absolutely divine. And in the final scene, a surprise...it's little sister Cheryl Ladd who appears in a bathing costume that might make a gay man (or straight woman) reconsider.
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One of the most emotional episodes
gridoon201827 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If one was mean-spirited, one could argue that the main reason Farrah Fawcett decided to return, even as a special guest star, to the series that made her famous after an one-year absence is that her film career (with flops like "Somebody Killed Her Husband") did not take off the way she expected to. But why be mean-spirited? Her return works well, and on the basis of this episode a "Charlie's Angels" series with FOUR Angels instead of three would be quite feasible; on the other hand, it might have been too radical a change to a profitable formula. "Angel Come Home" is one of the most emotional episodes, with a wide range of emotions; from (infectious) joy to sorrow. But the crime plot is also pretty good; the bad guy's motivation makes sense. And Cheryl Ladd wears a couple of amazingly sexy outfits (that black dress....damn!). *** out of 4.
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Sabrina,Jill,Kelly and Kris As A Team
Desertman8430 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sabrina,Kelly and Kris begin some high gear sleuthing when a car explosion kills Jill's fiancé and she becomes the next target in this high-speed adventure in this episode entitled,Angel Come Home.

Jill returns to Los Angeles after receiving an emergency telegram supposedly sent by Kris. She gets a message asking her to meet Paul Ferrino, an ex-boyfriend who once gave her a job on his racing team, in a parking lot. Paul claims not to have sent the message, and suspects that someone is using her to find him. Jill takes off on the back of Paul's motorcycle without telling her sister or friends where she is going. Paul shows off his new car, which has a super turbo-charged engine that burns far less fuel than the average car. He hopes to receive a patent for his invention and become wealthy, but needs Jill to drive it in the U.S. Grand Prix to prove that it is safe. Jill runs into her fiancé, Steve Carmody, who has followed her back from Europe. Paul's car suddenly bursts into flames, injuring mechanic Danny Bligh. The fire is quickly extinguished, but Paul suspects sabotage. A background check reveals that Steve has heavy gambling debts and once got into a fight with Paul after the latter cheated in a race. Sabrina follows Steve and snaps photographs of him having a clandestine meeting with Danny. Steve freely answers Kris's questions about his past, but flips out after she presents the photograph. The Angels follow him to the raceway, where he takes Paul's car out onto the track. They discover that he was testing the car to ease his fears about Jill driving it in the race. As he brings the car back in, it explodes and kills him.Who was responsible for this explosion?The Angels begin some high-gear sleuthing when a mysterious car explosion kills Jill's fiancé and she becomes the next target.

This is one great episode as we get to see all four Angels - Sabrina,Jill,Kelly and Kris - become a team as they try to find out who wants to sabotage Jill's race car. It works extremely well since we get to see all them as friends and it shows how their friendship endured from the beginning to the end of the case as things get from good to bad and even worse.Also,it marks the first of six return guest appearances of Farrah Fawcett, reprising her role as Jill Munroe.Her inclusion makes any Charlie's Angels episode special.In addition to that,we get to see an emotional episode as we get see Jill experience pain and suffering after her fiancé got killed.
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