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'We Like Green'
ccthemovieman-122 September 2011
This episode brought back some fond memories - several scenes I hadn't forgotten from when aired 50 years ago.

Such as Toody and Muldoon holding up traffic by deliberately driving 15 miles per hour on a highway; the old couple who kept saying "We like green".....painting a car to look like Car 54.

Throw in some that I didn't remember, such as Al Lewis playing one of the car repairmen (he joined the cast a few episodes later as one of the cops of the 53rd precinct) and an old "Bilko" regular, Billy Sands, playing his partner. Sands played "Dino Paprelli" in that old Phil Silvers show.

There is an assortment of other crazy happenings and characters in this episode, making one of the all-time classic shows in this two-season comedy series.
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