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Great episode if you are a Jack Cassidy fan*** Great Story and scenery of old California
aurellian8620 February 2012
Great episode! A "10" for the Cannon series - Excellent plot and story a great display of acting from a host of familiar characters from my youth. It brings back memories of California when I lived right there. (Shows great parts of California when there wasn't millions of houses covering every inch), I can't figure out if it's in the San Beradino Mtns., Calabasas or even the undeveloped parts of Bel Aire in some of the canyons along Mulholland Drive (lots of trees still left around there at that time)

Of course if you are a jack Cassidy fan like me, how can you go wrong? He always ads a certain touch of old fashioned class to any roll he portrays. He was great as an evil murderer or master criminal. He could also be very funny he did many guest appearances on every TV show of his day. My favorite one that comes to mind is an episode of GET SMART, where he played a decorator named "Mr. BOB", it's an absolute classic roll. I am prejudice though because I think that GET SMART was the best satire Comedy ever put together. Every actor was an intricate part, when they made the first movie it didn't have the Chief (he had died) and it really didn't have anywhere near the same sing.
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A terrible episode....
MartinHafer13 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I noticed that the other review for this episode gave the show a 10...because they are apparently a big Jack Cassidy fan. As for me, I just couldn't look past the fact that the story was badly written...Cassidy or not.

The General (Cassidy) is a mercenary who has made himself the dictator of some crappy third world nation. He's visiting the US and hires Cannon to find the guy who murdered the General's brother. Cannon only agrees to this IF the General agrees not to kill the guy but turn the man over to the police. However, what follows makes no sense at all...as Cannon discovers that HE had shot the brother years ago when he was breaking the law and Cannon was a cop! What follows is a silly cat & mouse game where the General stalks Cannon and, ultimately, one of the greatest shots in the world is chasing Cannon with an AR- 15/M-16 style rifle--not the best for snipers. But what makes it REALLY ridiculous is that Cannon uses his old snub-nosed .38 revolver and he takes out the General who has the rifle. Now you'd THINK the General would have picked a more appropriate weapon...but no snub-nosed revolver would be accurate at the range that Cannon's is and he didn't stand a prayer! While this might seem believable to someone knowing nothing about guns, to anyone who understands them, it's laughable...to the point of stupidity. Obviously the writer knew nothing about guns and never bothered to do their homework...or they just assumed the audience was too stupid to accept all this.
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