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  • Anglers catch a shark whose belly contains half the corps of a man who was shot. The team works out it was dumped from an abandoned yacht which contains a secret smuggling compartment for cocaine, but probably took aboard the victim and at least one relative, who also left a blood trace, both being Cubans trying to immigrate illegally. Anti-Castrist barrio patriarch Basilio helps Horatio's team work out the details.

  • A man's torso is found inside a shark.

    Ploy P.


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  • Guys are out fourteen miles from the Florida shore, recreationally fishing, one guy hooks a shark, cuts it open, a partial torso falls out. The boat captain, Rick, releases the shark with the torso, along with an area sea chart. Rick gets a free pass from Horatio on the illegal GPS system he has on board his boat. The shark is bagged for Alexx to process in the lab. Location of the catch is shown on the chart Horatio confiscated.

    Alexx starts processing. The torso tattoo signifies a Cuban freedom fighter flag, meaning the male was likely fleeing his country; the tat means the victim was a political prisoner. The torso also had a .45-caliber bullet in it. Blood sample sent to Megan, bullet sent to Calleigh.

    The Coast Guard has the boat Delko and Speed are looking for and the tire tracks leading from where boat is docked has a rear bald tire. Initial processing of the boat provides 'artifacts and abandonment', an empty breathalyzer, an illegible note posted at the helm, and an imbedded bullet. Speed picks out the bullet for Calleigh and Delko swabs a sample of blood for Megan.

    Calleigh looks at both bullets, torso and boat, both match, same gun. Megan adds, torso bullet blood type male, the boat bullet type female. Horatio affirms 'we have another victim out there ladies.'

    Horatio, Delko and Speed are processing evidence on the confiscated boat; the boat name, Luna Nueva, means new moon. Speed photographs the erased registration and exits. There is a cargo hold built into the boat. Horatio says the hold could store five-hundred kilograms, Delko secures a sample and Horatio's immediate examination reveals cocaine. In the lab, Speed and Calleigh are viewing the lifted registration number. Megan says the boat is registered to a Captain Bob. Megan talked to the marina manager, and gets nowhere finding Bob. Speed is handed dockage video tapes to see when Bob shows at his boat.

    Horatio is watching Alexx take pictures of a dead female, shot at close range, tourniquet applied, in a Russian raft, wearing a Cuban medal wishing safe voyage. The tourniquet-rope used to slow the bleeding is analyzed by Megan, giving DNA-proof to familial ties. Megan and Horatio lament the sadness of the female victim not making it to U.S. shore. Horatio speaks about the term wet foot/dry foot referring to the status given to a Cuban immigrant touching U.S. soil, one foot on shore, the other in the water. Once they touch U.S. shore, a green card is granted. Horatio to Megan, ready to play politics?

    Horatio visits with his Cuban contact, Basillio, allowing CSI to meet relatives of the dead woman. The woman, named Elena, was the niece of the interviewed couple, Megan consoles her, as she clutches the medal, finally, Megan takes the medal back, Horatio and Megan leave, reaching a dead end with no more cooperation from the anyone else. Horatio did notice a young man in the house as they were leaving, but Basillio wouldn't allow the meeting.

    Alexx believes the empty sinus-atomizer belonged to the victim, who took too heavy a dose, not making the survival from the bleeding leg easier. The bullet was near the femoral artery and the woman bled out. The gunshot from the torso had fibers contained in Elena's gunshot wound.

    Megan lifts DNA from the rope, giving rise to familial connections of the person tying it, i.e. brother, like the young man in the back bedroom. Calleigh concludes a match of the Colt's bullets can be tied to the John Doe torso, the boat imbedded bullet and the one in Elena's leg. Elena was a triplet, prompting Delko to comment there must have been some massacre on that boat.

    Speed is watching the tapes, Delko observes, the guy in the truck has been sitting there for over six hours. Horatio asks Speed to zoom the back tires, inquiring if they look bald. Speed agrees. Horatio says gentlemen, let's find that truck.

    Horatio looks at analysis of bullets linking the events, guy(torso) shot first, Elena(raft) shot second knowing close relatives travel together, this links the boy they saw at the house. Megan states the DNA match makes him a material witness; Horatio adds that is a warrant we can get.

    Horatio quips this is the only place in the nation where negotiation is necessary before the warrant is served. Detective Avilla does the negotiation serving the warrant on the same house for the victim's brother, Pedro. Megan and Horatio process his bedroom, Horatio finds a Colt .45 in the vacuum cleaner bag in Pedro's room. Pedro is cuffed and lead out.

    Speed is in the truck processing as Horatio is heard telling a superior, the truck and the boat captain have been taken into custody. Speed and Horatio see trace evidence from the unloading the boat into the truck. Calleigh is firing the confiscated Colt from Pedro's room. That is an affirmative on the Colt, it is the source for all three bullets recovered. Horatio, you shoot your sister and then you try to save her life. Speedle is unmasking the note Delko found on the boat, it read NM 28-30. The code needs to be cracked.

    Megan and Horatio are at the boat site, Horatio listening to her account of the trip from Cuba. Why start shooting? She asks rhetorically. We collected, catalogued all the personal property on the boat. Evidence there were twelve people on board, maybe more. The weight of the cargo, one-thousand pounds of coke in the right hull with an estimated eighteen hundred pounds of people, taking of water from the rough seas, that would panic the Captain. The boat's center of gravity was way off. Horatio says save the drugs or save the people? He asks Megan, Would you jump? She says yes if he had a gun to my head. Horatio retorts let's go put one to his.

    Captain Bob is taken in for questioning where says he had to ditch his boat due to a storm. Megan says they have his boat. Horatio states they have his gun and his truck. Megan informs Bob they matched his gun to two dead bodies, there is evidence of pure cocaine in your boat and in your confiscated rental truck. Bob demands a lawyer after Horatio claims the drugs, the immigrants were not counting on the storm, so he began shooting them as he told the people to abandon ship.

    Horatio says Pedro has the Cuban Johnny Cochran as his attorney, courtesy of Basillio. Horatio is questioning Pedro, playing on his feelings for his late sister. Horatio tells Pedro I know you tried to save your sister's life. Horatio said she died before reaching shore. He confesses what he did to try and save her, since he could swim to shore, Elena could not, due to her asthma. The Coast Guard boat was in sight, but never close enough. He did what he did to save her because the law requires medical attention be given to the victim. The Coast Guard would have secured doctors for her wound and kept her here. Learning at the close, the authorities never found her.

    Horatio and Megan are talking outside CSI headquarters. Citizenship is granted to Pedro for testimony; heavy-heart cooperation from Pedro and the code NM 28-30, is the dates of the new moon; travel with all cargo in darkness.

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