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Revenge Kill, Greed Kill
biorngm20 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is a well-written script, plenty of twists in the plots, as there are two cases the team members are working with Alexx appearing in both; there is only one medical examiner. The show bounces between the two cases which does not make it harder to watch, just to write a synopsis. For this review I will dwell with the cases separately, but the guilty parties both end up cuffed and lead away. Recommend a watch for the intrigue, catching all the dialogue with both cases.

The episode opens with Bernstein and Horatio entering a home not owned by the victim found face down on a bed, clad only in his robe, tied to the bed, mouth taped closed and the rest is worth watching to find out how he got this way after he answered the door. Alexx said headwound has something metallic with the blood, Bernstein says the Porsche outside registration is differs from the property title and a found engraved watch is of a third name. Question is, who the hell is this poor guy, asks Bernstein.

Alexx examines the murdered man, she finds the cloth in the man's throat killed him, i.e. suffocation, the fabric was the murder weapon. Victim sodomized violently with a rusty object and bashed over the head with a metallic object. He had a gun tattoo. He had an associate with a matching tattoo, really an accomplice, identifying him by name, and had an alibi not killing him, he was at work. Bernstein said the two men did some robberies together. The dead man was a scammer, a rapist, just an all-around bad guy and probably deserved to die the way he did. The man whose wife was raped and later committed suicide is found. Horatio and Bernstein interrogated this man, he did not kill anyone, but asks for five minutes with the man, not knowing he is dead until told.

The fabric being the murder weapon leads Horatio, Speed to a custom furniture, home-d├ęcor store thanks to the excellent work by the CSI fabric analyst identifying the fabric source. Questioned in their business, the wife provides reasons for everything Horatio asks, were you raped, seeing an assortment of scissors, sections of rusty pipe, rolls of tape, the scratch mark on her arm. She wasn't raped, the arm marked by her cat, the items seen are tools of the furniture making trade and she was not familiar with the victim name, her husband handles the customers, the front end of the store. Horatio tells Speed she was on a plane at the time of the murder, which leads them to another victim. Watch and learn of the killer dispensing justice, so he thought.

The other murder opens with Detective Riboul introducing Delko, Calleigh to the crematorium, in sight are the owner Benito's beaten body, a chamber of burned bodies, broken porcelain containers, gold fillings, a red purse and stacked bodies delivered for cremation, tagged by the funeral homes. Alexx says the man's skull crushed, Delko shows blood evidence outside of the chamber, Det. Riboul says twenty-seven bodies out back and the purse owner Michelle reported missing two weeks ago, wearing a red dress with a red purse. Delko finds blood in the chamber, Calleigh wondering if purse owner was in the chamber. Evidence aplenty for an investigation to begin; what happened to cause the death?

Blood Delko found outside and inside the chamber was the owner's and the metal object in his hand is a South Beach club entrance pass. Neither club owner can identify the pictures, and the metal pass will need a warrant for the holder. The woman found buried out with the crematorium tagged bodies, paint on her is similar used at the club; club owners lied, furthermore, a list showed crematorium owner was a member and the purse owner an employee.

Alexx determines the ladies' cause of death was strangulation, Delko matches paint from her hair matches paint taken from the club. Pictures reveal a mark identical to the club owners' rings; time to bring them in for further interrogation. One owner admits he cuffed her. She started to work another club called the Thorny Rose, the attorney adds to the story where she lured away members; Calleigh remembers pulling a rose from the red purse. Calleigh's analysis reveals their two rings are clean.

Hunting down the jeweler, Calleigh learns there was another club partner with an identical ring. Calleigh, Delko identify the other ring holder as the club attorney. At the club, the attorney, with a white band around his bare finger, has Delko produce a publicity photo of the three owners showing off their rings. Calleigh says police are warrant-searching his house for the ring. The attorney is lead off in cuffs to HQ.

Reservoir on the ring contained Michelle's blood. Calleigh says he is the majority owner of the club; the other two owners combined own less than one-percent. The deceased woman lured customers away to her own. The attorney hit her with his ring on and strangled her. Calleigh told the attorney a cremated body contains no DNA, her buried body contained DNA, hence, he wanted her cremated. He promised Benito a club pass for cremating her, but when he went to Benito to give him the pass, he saw the purse and the crematorium was not working, so he killed Benito and buried her out back. Benito's blood was also on the ring along with cremated ash. The odds are in favor of convicting a murderer based on both blood and ash on the ring. Detective Riboul cuffs the attorney.
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