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  • A man is found dead, lying face down, gagged, the four limbs tied to the bedposts, with signs of sexual assault. The house shows no signs of break in.

    Ploy P.
  • Cooky-vending kids found the blood trace to Thomas Carpenter's corps, bound face-down in his robe on the bed with head - and rectal wounds, but the luxury house and all objects -too valuable for a thief to leave- belonged to other men; he suffocated gagged. Restoring an erased tattoo points to recently released thief Danny Blue, who identifies Tommy, a multiple thief and rapist on record, and admits having visited him, a parole violation, but days before the murder... Benito Ramon is found dead with Michelle Carter in his crematorium, among stolen golden teeth, and there are other corpses in the oven. A VIP-token in a corps's hand leads to the exclusive night club Canvas, ran by two Puertoricans with a silent partner...


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  • Detective Bernstein enters a home with Horatio finding a dead man tied to a bed, bathrobe covering him, they eyeball one-hundred thousand dollars of watches and Horatio says we can eliminate robbery. Bernstein says it had to be someone he knew. Alexx is viewing the body reporting the man was anally penetrated, TOD was about twelve hours ago, eleven PM last night per Horatio; hair collected by Speed. Alexx said head-wound has something metallic with the blood, Bernstein says the driveway vehicle registration, a Porsche, is different than the house title name. An engraved watch found is a third name. Question is who the hell is this poor guy?, asks Bernstein.

    Detective Riboul introduces Delko, Calleigh to the crematorium, one beaten body on the floor and one or more burned bodies in the crematorium chamber. There are broken porcelain containers about the floor. Benito Ramon owned the crematorium, and he lies dead in front of the chamber. Calleigh picks up gold fillings scattered about, and a red purse on the floor belongs to Michelle Carter. Officer Torres requests everybody take a look outside. Det. Riboul states the owner did not cremate the bodies when delivered from the funeral home, instead, he had them stacked outside. Delko says they can be identified by ankle bracelets or toe tags from the funeral home.

    Horatio looks on as Alexx examines the murdered man, she finds a piece of cloth in the man's throat; cause of death, suffocation. After removing the tape over his mouth, Alexx says the fabric was the murder weapon; as he began struggling for air, the fabric got sucked down to his esophagus, until it had nowhere to go. Alexx saying he was sodomized violently, likely with a foreign object, the spleen and colon are both damaged. A scar on his arm appears to have been a removed tattoo. Horatio tells Alexx we have no idea of this man, there are no prints in the system, how hard would it be to raise that tattoo. Alexx heats the area, lifting the tattoo image of a gun.

    On location, Alexx examines Benito's body, she says skull crushed; Delko shows evidence of the head hitting outside of the actual crematorium chamber. Detective Riboul says they count twenty-seven bodies out back, and Michelle Carter was reported missing two weeks ago, wearing a red dress with a red purse. Delko finds blood in the chamber, Calleigh wondering if Michelle was in the chamber.

    Speed is looking to identify the gun tattoo from pictures of record, but no success. He does have a match from an ex-con recently released on a robbery conviction named Danny Blue; Horatio says let's bring him in, he has a matching tattoo from the same artist that designed our victim's tat.

    The fragmented skull was not Michelle's, too old, per Alexx; the blood Delko found was Benito's. Michelle remains missing and Benito is clasping a foreign object with a death grip. Alexx saws off Benito's hand, placing it in the microwave oven to access the evidence. The metal object is an entrance pass to a South Beach club, both Delko and Calleigh have been there. They pay a visit to the club and the owners, neither can identify the pictures, and the metal pass will need a warrant for the holder. Calleigh gets a call, she thinks they found Michelle.

    Danny Blue comes to HQ, gives up a hair sample, shows tattoo, identifies murdered man as Thomas Carpenter, he and Thomas did some robberies together, he admits to visiting Carpenter, arguing. Carpenter is scamming, but would not let Danny in on the scam. Danny was at work the night Carpenter was killed and it is a parole violation hanging with Thomas. Danny is lead away by Det. Bernstein.

    Horatio and several police are processing the house where Carpenter died. Speed adds rust was found in the victim, probably a rusty pipe. Speed bags a cloth Horatio found on a table. Det. Bernstein shows Horatio a diamond necklace belonging to a Judy Johnson, raped by Carpenter, she committed suicide a week later, married, so Horatio and Det. Bernstein pay a visit to the husband, Dean Johnson.

    Michelle Carter is found buried under all the bodies at the crematorium. Det. Riboul watches as Alexx looks at Michelle in her backyard grave with rodent bites on her. Michelle is on the exam table as Alexx determines the paint found on the body is similar to that used at the club, making the owners liars not identifying her.

    Det. Bernstein interrogates Dean Johnson, explaining the manner in which his wife was raped matches the Carpenter murder. Dean mentions a scissors for which Horatio orders he see. Dean Johnson is mad at the police for not finding his wife's rapist. The semen sample is a match to Carpenter, proving he raped her, but there are three more victims, each sodomized, and all left Miami after filing their reports. Speed, Horatio question whether it was Dean killing Thomas since his story has not been authenticated.

    Det. Riboul introduces attorney for the club, Vincent Graziano, handing over a list of employees and guests; Benito was a member and Michelle was an employee. An owner says he never saw Benito before and yes Michelle was an employee; he lied, impeding the investigation.

    Speed tells Laura the scissor striations do not match those used with Judy Johnson and Thomas Carpenter. Judy's scissors had only her blood, not matching the one used to cut Carpenter's mouth tape. That means Dean did not kill Carpenter, at least with those scissors. Speed tells Laura the murder weapon is fabric.

    Alexx tells Michelle's cause of death was strangulation, Delko matches paint from Michelle's hair matches paint taken from the club. Examining pictures of Michelle reveals a mark identical to the rings of the club owners; time to bring them in for further interrogation.

    Speed sees the fabric analyst, he states the cloth was man-made making it easy to trace due its nature. Fabric is from Erin and Leonard's Home D├ęcor where the vase from Carpenter's was confiscated.

    Calleigh, Delko are gloving with club owners in a room, there attorney complains, Calleigh asks for each of their rings, one owner admits he cuffed Michelle, she started to work another club, the attorney adds to the story; Calleigh remembers pulling a rose from Michelle's purse. They give up their rings for testing, there rings are clean, per Calleigh's analysis.

    Det. Bernstein, Horatio, Speed visit the Murphy furniture store, see the mailing list with Thomas Carpenter, see rusty pipe assortment, see fabric like the confiscated cloth, talk to Erin Murphy requesting all scissors seen in the shop and her hair sample.

    Calleigh learns there was another club partner with a ring as she and Delko head back to the club.

    Erin Murphy says her husband broke the inscribed vase when he was moving items while she was on a buying trip, the mark on her arm is from her cat, and, if she was raped, she would have reported it to the police. She was not familiar with Carpenter, husband handles the front with customers.

    Calleigh, Delko identify the other ring holder, it is club attorney Graziano, who is lead off in cuffs to HQ from the club. The ring is given to him, he tries it on and it fits. Reservoir on the ring contained Michelle's blood. Calleigh says he is the majority owner of the club; the other two owners combined own less than one-percent. Michelle lured customers away from his club when she started her own. Graziano hit her with his ring on, he promised Benito a club pass to get rid of her. When he went to Benito to give him the pass, he saw the purse and the crematorium was not working, so he killed Benito and buried Michelle out back. Benito's blood was on the ring along with cremated ash. The odds are in favor of conviction of the murderer based on both substances on the ring. Calleigh tells the attorney a cremated body contains no DNA, Michelle's buried body contained DNA, hence he wanted her cremated. Detective Riboul cuffs the attorney.

    Speed has Horatio look at a slide showing matching striations, saying these are the scissors used to cut the tape on Thomas. Erin Murphy claims she was never raped, she was on a plane at the time of the murder, per Horatio, which leads them to another victim. Leonard Murphy admits to Horatio Thomas raped him. Carpenter walked into his store, Leonard recognized him, but he did not recognize Leonard. He asked Thomas for his name, address for their mailing list, and given the opportunity, he went to the house committing the crime for revenge. Horatio says to Leonard, justice is not for you to dispense; Leonard is lead away in cuffs.

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