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Killers Come in Various Forms
biorngm17 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The studio episode title refers to false statements provided police and leaving the scene; not telling the full truth without an attorney present and in this case even with an attorney present. The primary suspect questioned early in the show is the guilty party, and was in fact found guilty on two counts, the third pending, and that is with his attorney present. It takes exceptional police along with some fate to nail this person, but Horatio and Speed, with Alexx's help, get this guy. A worth watching episode by all means, especially noting once again how each evidence-detail is scrutinized fitting each into the puzzle of solving the crime; details forthcoming, but first a mention of the other case Calleigh and Delko investigate.

A woman is found dead in her apartment with a fractured skull. Alexx found use of blood thinners and an advanced case of Alzheimer's were part of the victim's life. Her home is a scene of blood seemingly everywhere, walls, pooled on the floor and on table-corners where she had fallen. The neighbors were all interviewed; no conclusions. There was so much gossip about the complex, Delko said, he did not know who or what to believe. The convicted rapist-gardener was exonerated when his alibi checked. The crime rate in her retirement community was very low. Meticulous spatter analysis using string-connecting-points determined points of origin where she moved about while bleeding, only to collapse for a final time. Calleigh and Delko conclude there was no room in the apartment for anyone else to be; all the blood left was hers. The analysis CSI performed was exacting, allowing for them to reach the correct, but sad conclusion, the victim died from falling, hitting her head, striking so hard to fracture her skull and bleed to death.

Horatio's experience suspected the actual criminal from the start, but there was only one way to insure nailing him for the events taking place. Buying up houses and renting them seems harmless, until cooks are hired to make pills, resulting in deadly fumes, like those killing the neighbor; the end-product not being what the buyer expects and then, the cook becomes a liability. When the pill-maker or cook is found dead at his residence, Horatio, Delko review evidence from the vehicle seat. It is a bandage from a carcinoma removal, proved from imaging the doctor from behind, his attorney present and matching it to the image from the car seat. Horatio tells him catching your cancer has become your undoing. Det. Sevilla asks his attorney about his knife, saying we know he carries one for his protection. Sevilla inquires did you bring your knife or did you lose it? Attorney adds the doctor has to travel to some dangerous neighborhoods to his properties. The lawyer produces the knife stating the doctor is cooperating all he can along this matter. Horatio quips how commendable. Sevilla doesn't believe the knife would be handed over with traces of blood on it. Horatio says he is not interested in the blood. Horatio has Speed take digital pictures at every angle and give it back asap.

Horatio takes pictures of Kimble's stab wounds, he then has Speed match them to the pictures taken of Welmont's knife; the match proves Welmont killed Kimble. Horatio confronts the doctor, with his attorney, explaining the irony, had he not turned over the murder weapon, he could only be charged with negligent-homicide of the neighbor, but as it stands now, I can charge you with murder and I haven't even gotten to the nineteen-year-old who overdosed. Welmont smugly says so what are you saying and Horatio responds, thanks.
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