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  • Father Carlos is found dead in church, shot twice by hunting rifle, amidst signs of worldly living, even condoms, indicating he was with a teenager, and footprints from a skater. Eric Delko feels stuck with another case Horatio investigates, a pregnant woman whose car burned to cinders because of the expensive cognac aboard, possibly a murder staged as an accident or suicide to cover up mother and child's identity; an identifiable diamond leads to her lover Jeffrey Douglas, without hard proof. Lip - and shoe prints make altar-boy Cameron Medina the prime suspect for the priest murder; he lied about not going there and has access to guns, but also an alibi for the time of the murder; Cameron's dad Emilio left home after a domestic row and is also found, beaten to death...

  • A priest, Father Carlos, is found dead in his private office with gunshot wounds in his back.

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  • Season 1 - Episode 5 - Ashes to Ashes The congregation is waiting for Father Carlos to begin church service, his secretary, Ms. Clara Denize, goes to the rectory to check up on him. He is lying on the rectory floor in a pool of blood, apparently dead.

    The CSI team comes in to the rectory, Horatio notices a bullet hole in the wall, Alexx says "liver temperature is eighty-two, which means he was probably killed between nine and midnight." Megan asks "who would want to kill a priest?" Horatio responds, "nowadays, any one." Horatio checks with Megan to handle the scene, he has been called to another, he has to go. Everyone is processing. Calleigh checks the bullet in the wall; a rifle bullet, Speed shows Megan shoe prints, which differ from the priest's bloody footprints, Calleigh notices two glasses on a table, there is a lip print on the glass of water and the other glass contains scotch.

    Horatio arrives at the site of the charred vehicle driven off the road. Delko states it was a female driver, bottle of booze in vehicle, reported stolen two weeks ago in Georgia, and no skid marks from brake usage. Delko shows an evidentiary partial-glass label, where Horatio adds, the car thief has expensive taste, that is a $400 bottle of cognac. Speculation from Delko, the gas line ruptured from going over the edge, exploding and starting the fire. Delko found a purse, a suitcase, no ID, some twelve feet from the car. Horatio asks why she travelled this far without an ID.

    Speed and Megan are in the sanctuary, Megan tests the holy water basin, it has blood in it, indicating with her instincts they are looking for a devout Catholic; the person wanting to bless themselves after the shooting.

    Alexx pulls a bullet from the priest, gives to Calleigh, she identifies the weapon as a hunting rifle, with homemade shot. Alexx shows Megan, with Calleigh's help, a bullet entry at the shoulder, a through-and-through, entering the wall afterward. The other bullet entered in the back, through the heart, ending up in the thigh, Calleigh explain that's why only two casings found at the rectory. Only two shots fired.

    Speedle's lab analysis indicates the presumed lip gloss is lip balm, SPF 45, contained macadamia oil. The lip balm is used by kids that skate.

    Alexx is processing the charred corpse. There are no broken bones. Horatio mentions the toxicology screen is not back, do not know if alcohol was a factor. There was soot in her lungs, meaning she was alive during the fire. Stomach yields a four-carat diamond ring.

    Delko says toxicology came up. There was not a trace of alcohol, but fifteen micrograms of Demerol in system, with high levels of folic acid. Horatio adds enough Demerol to kill herself twice; folic acid content indicated she was pregnant. Delko says seven weeks along.

    In the garage with the charred Jeep, Horatio notes the origin of the fire was in the back seat, travelling to the front seat. Delko adds, someone poured cognac over her, but the melted glass in the back seat was not from the cognac. Horatio further notes that someone went out of their way to make certain the victims were never identified.

    Horatio, speaking to Alexx, I need something to identify the father. Alexx extracts the fetus from the victim, gives it to Horatio, who brings it to a woman to process it, he looks first under a microscope. This gives him pause, the music playing is somber strings, as he thanks the technician; he exits. There is a simulation of Father Carlos shot twice giving Meagan time to pause, reflecting on the ten seconds he was down from the first bullet, beginning to rise to meet his killer. Calleigh mentions we know the caliper of round was a 223. Megan adds in the time he was down, he lost was about a half-liter of blood, a fact equating to ten seconds.

    Speed states the sole prints identify a skateboarder, with wear on one shoe caused by pushing on the ground; we are looking for a teenager, five-two, likely left-handed, because Megan claims boarder is favoring the opposite side from normal foot-position. The altar boys and girls are given lip prints and inspecting their left shoes for wear. That leads to Cameron Medina, a search warrant of his home with help from Det. Sevilla.

    The house search yields items such as a Cameron skateboard pic, lip balm, cartridge loader, rifle, power chain, hair samples w/ blood. Iris Medina is questioned about the domestic calls in past, she says she does not know where husband Emilio is, and she doesn't ask. The visible chain marks on her neck indicate domestic abuse. Speed swabs Cameron. Megan asks Cameron why he visited his priest Saturday. Cameron denies being there, claims he was skateboarding, Megan states his shoe and lip prints match those found in the rectory. Pressed, he changes his story, said it was to tell him he didn't want to be an altar boy anymore. He walks from Megan when questioned about priest behavior.

    Megan is in the lab reviewing pictures where she informs Calleigh and Speed that Cameron is not our shooter because his story being at the park checks out, the picture dated Saturday, with the park clock saying 10:30 PM, verifies being at the skate park.

    Poignancy runs heavy when dealing with an unborn, somber music plays when Horatio is in the lab seeking answers. He tells Delko afterward how it went, "it was worse, the CODIS search for the father's DNA was negative." The father's DNA is taken from the fetus and it is hard to search with half a DNA, Delko recounts. Sulfuric acid, sugar, gasoline, potassium chloride made up the fire starter; an exothermic reaction started in the back seat. Horatio looks at Delko's diamond ring slide showing a microscopic inscription labeling the gem, because select clients are reserved these stones, a lesson learned from Horatio catching many diamond thieves. They know the victim's dress was drenched in cognac, the found melted glass was not from the cognac bottle, but from the bottle used to start the fire.

    Calleigh alerts Megan that the guns found in the Medina shed do not match the rounds fired that killed Father Carlos; we are still missing a rifle. Calleigh says we know Emilio Medina is violent; let's see if we can find him and ask if he thought the priest was molesting Cameron.

    Delko and Horatio question the buyer of the diamond ring, showing him a picture of the ring. The buyer is Jeffrey Douglas, who admits he and Lisa Valdez were in to purchase the diamond in the picture. Horatio says to according to Stewart Diamonds, Jeffrey and Lisa were in eleven weeks ago to purchase this diamond ring. He tells Delko he last saw Lisa about seven or eight weeks ago. Horatio comes back with "purchasing a rock that large created a problem for you, didn't it?" Jeffrey claims he gave her the ring for sex one night, but she thought it was more a permanent thing; she swallowed the ring for spite during their quarrel. Horatio asks Jeffrey while showing a picture of Lisa's burnt body, "does this look like a suicide to you?" He covers up, turning his head, not commenting.

    Emilio's truck is found parked at a refinery. Det. Sevilla speaks with his boss, Mr. Jones, learning Emilio Medina has not been to work in days and he works in the refinery sewer. Calleigh and Megan process the truck. Megan finds dried blood and a hair on the steering wheel, Calleigh finds the pipe wrench in the tool box, the pipe-teeth covered with some foreign matter and they all spot the empty rifle rack. The truck's rifle was for sewer gators, per boss Mr. Jones.

    In the lab, Horatio shows Delko a picture of Lisa Valdez, indeed a pretty woman, and Delko agrees. Horatio says everything we need to convict this guy is right here, let's find it. Items left in the burned out car were three pairs of shoes, a bottle of cognac, a dozen roses, and a charred, rubber item Horatio cuts open to the smell of strawberries. Horatio sends Delko to a guy named Artie, owner of the adult playground, with a picture of Jeffrey, asking if Artie recently sold Jeffrey strawberry teddies.

    Speed informs Megan the blood found on the steering wheel belonged to Father Carlos. The pipe wrench had Emilio's brain matter, and Father Carlos did not have a head injury. Megan shows the analysis of the brain matter to Speed, she adds, he killed Father Carlos without a temporal lobe; Speed says hard to do. The steering-wheel-hair Megan found Speed will compare to the house-hair.

    A search of the Medina property outside the house with scent dogs shows drag marks leading to the water's edge. Calleigh says do think if we dragged the water bottom we would find the rifle. The scent dogs find buried clothing with blood stains, a pair of boarder shorts. Speed calls Megan, reporting the steering-wheel-hair matches Mrs. Medina's hair found imbedded in Cameron's room-wall. Iris Medina drove the truck. Calleigh pulls Cameron's shirt from the hole in the ground. Megan tells Det. Sevilla, we are going to have talk with the mother.

    Delko tells Horatio Artie says hello; Jeffrey purchased the teddy three days ago, proving he lied about when he last saw Lisa. Horatio asks Delko to re-check the Jeep, Delko balks, saying he has covered it. Horatio says then he is going free, for now. A tough realization for both Horatio and Delko because there is nothing left in the Jeep to connect Jeffrey to Lisa and the crime. Horatio hands a folder to Terrell, a technician, asking to create a picture for him.

    Iris Medina says she killed Emilio. It has nothing to do with Cameron, she says. She is confessing to Det. Sevilla. Megan disputes Iris's confession, Cameron killed him. Megan says the clothes dug up were Cameron's; blood from his father and him were all over those clothes. He killed his father to protect you, didn't he? That same night you and Cameron dragged his body to the river. When Cameron needed to talk to someone about what he had done, he went to see Father Carlos. He told the Father what had happened, the priest said to go to the police, Cameron bolted. After driving Cameron to the skate park, Iris went to Father Carlos, pleading for him not to tell the police. She went to the truck, saw the rifle, went back, shot Father Carlos twice, killing him. She told Father Carlos you knew what Emilio was doing to her; you never told anyone.

    Horatio grills Jeffrey with his lawyer present. Horatio says the baby has Jeffrey's DNA, sit down. You fed Lisa enough Demerol to kill her and the baby. You did not want the baby because it was going to cramp your style. Jeffrey leaves with his attorney. Horatio promises to haunt him until he gets a confession.

    Cameron has returned to church as an altar boy. Megan is joined by Horatio at Father Carlos' funeral. Iris is at the rear, officer present. Horatio leaves a picture of Lisa's daughter at the altar.

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