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Ponch,Bobby and Bruce Capture Car Thieves
Desertman8414 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In High Times,cars are being stolen.Ponch and Bobby suspect a link to a local high school.Bruce helps out in the investigation by going undercover as a student.

Ponch and Bobby are on patrol when they hear a car alarm. They spot kids stealing a car and go after them. They get away after Bobby falls off his motor while avoiding an accident. At CHP Central, Getraer decides to have Bruce go undercover at a school.When Bruce leaves school, he's chased by two trucks. Ponch and Bobby finally catch up with Bruce as the trucks get away. They arrest Bruce to make it look good.

That night, Ponch and Bobby find a kid hot-wiring a car and chase him until he gets captured.Meanwhile, Bruce gets captured by the car thieves. They bring him out into a van and the auto shop teacher spots them. Ponch and Bobby show up at the right time and chase the van. They arrest the car thief and save Bobby.

This is one good episode as it only involves one storyline instead of having many plot lines unlike many episodes in season 6.Also,we get to see Ponch,Bobby and Bruce do an investigation together and capture the car thieves.
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