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Sinister and superb
Joxerlives27 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Killed by death

The Good; Very creepily shot and the central concept is just terrifying. Love the scoobs at the end and the kids drawing. Cordy's funny scene with the security guard, Cordy 'helping' Giles with research. Best of all though is Xander's Dirty Harry style confrontation with Angelus.

The Bad; Not much

Best line; Angelus; "If I chose to walk in there do you think for one moment you could stop me?" Xander; "Maybe I couldn't. Maybe those orderlies couldn't. Or that security guard. Or those cops. But I'm kinda curious to find out..." (the coolest Xander moment ever!)

Knocked out; yep, Buffy

Questions and observations; Willie Garson is great as the security guard, he also plays Carrie's friend Stanford in Sex and the City (which SMG guest stars in). Love Cordy's high-heels and miniskirt. Buffy passes out. Willow's frog fear re-occurs. You wonder if Buffy had taken the concentrated flu virus would it have killed her, she's pretty tough? Or once again is Buffy saved by her friends and family where any other Slayer would have died. Slayer healing again.

Obvious similarity to Nightmare on Elm Street although I also think the demon rather resembles Kid Rock? (anyone else read the fanfic where Freddy Kreuger kills Anya and Buffy only in the follow up story for him to wake up strapped to the bed in a mental hospital where he's been from the first night he was torched. But as his nurse walks away you realise she's actually Buffy?)

The first alternate Buffy played by Mimi Paley. She's OK but not as good as the little girl we'll see in season 5. Buffy's had a cousin called Celia, Aunt Arlene's daughter? Even as a kid Buffy played at being a superhero and attracted the supernatural. Again, isn't Joyce a bit suspicious about Giles' turning up at Buffy's bedside? Love the bit about the Scoobs playing doctor (anyone else share Cordy's scepticism about Buffy's denials?).

10/10 up to the standard of late Buffy season 2 and you can't give much higher praise than that
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Better than the IMDb Rating
GholamSlayer12 July 2018
I had fond memories of this episode, and upon rewatching it, it hooked me even more. I really don't understand why this isn't one of the better regarded episodes in the fan base, but I guess it will just remain a personal favorite.

I thought the character work was particularly engaging, even compared to surrounding episodes, the atmosphere was tense and held me in a grip that didn't let up till he credits.
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One of the worst Buffy episodes ever
katierose29527 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Every once in awhile, even BTVS comes out with a bad episode. "Killed By Death" is a bad episode. The show is capable of so much better than this. It doesn't really contribute anything to the characters or the seasons story arc. Angelus is barely in the episode and Spike and Dru aren't even mentioned. Jenny Calander was just killed and, aside from a quick scene with Joyce, even Giles seems fine with it. Her death will have more of an impact in the next episode, "I Only Have Eyes for You," but for now it seems like she's just been forgotten. Anyway, if you're watching the show on DVD you can skip this episode and not miss a thing.

The episode revolves around Buffy getting the flu. Feeling terrible and sick, she goes patrolling, but is soon confronted by Angelus. She isn't at top form, and Buffy needs the help of the Scoobies to beat him off. Her fever then spikes even higher and she faints. Xander, Cordy and Willow rush her to the hospital. While she's recuperating, Buffy begins to notice strange things happening around her. Children are mysteriously dying and a weird "Nightmare of Elm Street" looking fellow is stalking the halls. Convinced that something supernatural is afoot, Buffy enlists the Scoobies to help her investigate. Meanwhile, Xander stands guard outside Buffy's room to keep Angelus away. His relationship with Angel was never that great to begin with. Now that Angelus has taken control, though, Xander's hatred is boiling over. Back at Sunnydale High, Cordy is learning how to research. (A trait that will come in handy for her over on "Angel" in the years to come.) She and Giles find a reference the Kinder-something-or-other, a monster that matches Buffy's descriptions of the thing that's killing kids in the hospital. Adults can't see it. Only children and people who are delirious with fevers. It sucks the life out of children and Buffy realizes that it also killed her cousin Celia, when they were younger. She reinfects herself with the flu and sets out to find the monster once and for all.

I do like a few parts of this episode. The idea of mortality in the Buffyverse is always interesting and complex. What is a natural death? How far can you go to save people from it? How is Buffy's role as Slayer impacted by the reality of death? This episode glosses over a lot of the deeper issues, but at least Giles mentions some them. The questions will be addressed in more detail in seasons five and six. Also, I like Angelus and Xander's argument. Xander's jealousy and Angelus's taunting are great. Their competitiveness and anger are character driven and will continue to into play right into next season. Also, I like how Cordy's becoming less self-involved. Sure, she'll still mutter that tact is "just not telling the truth," but she's more willing to help the Scoobies with their investigations. She even brings Xander's donuts. It's nice to see her mellowing little.

On the downside, the episode has a lot of faults. It's pretty slow, especially when you compare it to the episodes that surround it. "Passion" and "I Only Have Eyes for You" are so dramatic and wonderful, that it makes "Killed By Death" seem even worse. You find yourself feeling restless and wishing that something would just hurry up and happen. Some of the dialog is a bit clunky and the story isn't that interesting. It's not particularly funny or exciting, it's just sort of... Dull. The monster itself is a Freddy Kruger rip-off and not a very good one at that. Also, why is Buffy's cousin Celia never spoken of before or after this episode? If Celia's death was so traumatic and made Buffy dislike hospitals so much, why not address it again in season five when Joyce is in the hospital? All in all, this episode is disappointing.

My favorite part of the episode: Willow, Xander and Buffy conversing on Buffy's bed at the end of the episode. While Joyce brings them sandwiches, orange juice and corn chips, they watch TV and act like regular teenagers. The three of them are just so darn cute together.
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A rather creepy episode
Tweekums15 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As this episode opens Buffy is out patrolling even though she is suffering from the flu. She gets in a fight with Angel and if it weren't for her friends intervening she's probably have been killed. She then collapses and is taken to hospital. As she recuperates she sees a strange figure following a child. The next day it emerges that a child has died. Another child tells her that Death is coming for them and that he can only be seen my children. Some snooping around reveals that the doctor treating the children had been involved in some fairly controversial medical decisions… is he the Death the children fear or is it something even more sinister?

This was an impressively creepy episode. The opening was effective and things only got better when Buffy got to the hospital. The fact that she was ill made her seem more vulnerable than usual increases the level of tension; as well as the worry about what is going on in the hospital there is the ongoing threat from Angel. The idea of a demon that specifically targets children is rather disturbing and when we see just how he does it things get genuinely scary. 'Death' reminded me of Freddy Krueger of 'Nightmare on Elm Street' fame; this particularly shows in the final confrontation in the hospital basement. As well as some good scares there are some pretty amusing scenes such as when Willow shows that she doesn't know what 'playing doctor' really is and the final scene where Buffy receives a picture drawn by a child she saved showing her slaying 'Death'. The only slight weakness was the fact that the characters are less affected by Jenny's death than one might expect and there are references to Buffy's cousin who died when she was young who had never been mentioned before. Overall though this was a good creepy episode.
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You can't keep a good slayer down
Realrockerhalloween1 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A very scary episode dealing with a creature reminding me a lot of Freddy Krueger stalking a hospital and Angelus trying to take advantage of the sick slayer. Buffy wanting to take out Angelus before he kills anyone else and wears herself thin. It shows how determined, resilient slayers can be and heal based on the high temperature she has. Angel tries to attack her twice one in a graveyard and again at the hospital showing how slick, cunning and evil he's become not waiting for a big fight instead of when the chips are down. The demon appears to those only sick doing the same so he can sick the life out of them and goes after the most innocent in society children. His makeup is good, his methods are terrifying as he shreds those who get in his way and he remains silent without any idea how it ticks.

Also I love how caring Buffy has become willing to risk her life for the kids and getting sick again to stop the monster. Her friend helping to ward of Angel, create distractions for the doctors and helping her to the basement to fulfill her duties. It feels like a family support,g one another and helping out anyway they can to save the day proving team work gets better results instead of the watcher council's policy she remain alone in the fight.
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The One Where Buffy Is Sick...
taylorkingston30 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this episode. The first time I saw it, it freaked me out, a lot. I'm not going to lie about that. I'm not really sure why it scared me so much, but it did.

In this episode, influenza is going around the town and making everyone sick. Including Buffy. She barely survives Angelus' latest attack because of this. She is hospitialised and discovers that children in the hospital are being attacked by an invisible killer whom they call Death. First, Giles is skeptical about this, but once Buffy proves the story right, she has to take care of this evil person.

Best part of this episode: Nothing in particular.

Worst part of this episode: Nothing in particular.

Overall, I give this episode a 7 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Great.
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