"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Graduation Day: Part 2 (TV Episode 1999) Poster

Nicholas Brendon: Xander Harris



  • Xander : Here's your coffee, brewed from the finest Colombian lighter fluid.

    Giles : Thank you.

    [takes a sip] 

    Giles : Horrible.

    [takes another sip] 

    Xander : Aren't you supposed to be drinkin' tea, anyway?

    Giles : Tea is soothing. I wish to be tense.

    Xander : Okay, but you're destroying a perfectly good cultural stereotype here.

  • Cordelia : I demand an explanation.

    Xander : For what?

    Cordelia : Wesley.

    Xander : Uh, inbreeding?

    Cordelia : So very funny. Any minute I am sure to laugh.

  • Angel : [about the mayor]  Well, he's not crazy about germs.

    Cordelia : Of course, that's it. We'll attack him with germs.

    Buffy : Great. We'll get him cornered and then you can sneeze on him.

    Cordelia : No! No, we'll get a container of Ebola virus and, and, um- Or, it doesn't even have to be real. We could just get a box that says Ebola on it and, um, chase him.

    [long pause] 

    Cordelia : With the box.

    Xander : I'm starting to lean towards the hummus offensive.

    Oz : He'll never see it comin'.

  • Giles : Buffy no longer needs a Watcher. She'll not be working with Wesley from now on.

    Cordelia : But he is her Watcher.

    Giles : Buffy no longer needs a Watcher.

    Cordelia : Well, does he have to leave the country? I mean, you got fired and you still hang around like a big loser. Why can't he?

    Xander : Cordelia, we are trying to stop a massacre here. Want to give us a hand?

    Cordelia : Sure, this is just such a Buffy thing to do. She is always thinking of herself.

  • Buffy : You and Xander are gonna have to work together now, can you guys handle that?

    Xander : I'm still key guy, right?

    Buffy : Right.

    Xander : Great. Then Angel, in his non-key-guy capacity, can work with me.

    Angel : What fun.

    Xander : Hey, key guy still talkin'.

  • Xander : [to Angel]  Well, it's just good to know that when the chips are down and things look grim, you'll feed off the girl who loves you to save your own ass.

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