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Is it too hot for a fire?
pensman25 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The area has been suffering through a drought and heat wave, tempers are short. Ramon the son of a local ne'er do well named Tacos has a habit of telling tall tales. Ramon is basically harmless but Tacos can get violent if provoked with drink. Jeffords tend to favor Ramon to run errands because the boy needs the money; but this aggravates some of the other fathers.

Roger Wetherly and his sister Sarah, a local historian, arrive in town obviously in the middle of a row. Roger is threatening to leave but rejoins his sister. As night falls the heat is still there and people feel like they're being roasted alive. Ramon is looking for his father, but stops to tell Jeffords he has seen a monster or a dragon. Everyone has a good laugh saying the kid saw a dinosaur. Ramon decides to ride over to see Sarah Wetherly and ask her about dinosaurs. She is up dictating her book to her brother. Roger has had enough of his sister. He picks up the written pages of her book and builds a fire out of them. She picks up a gun and shots her brother. She rides into town claiming that Tacos killed her brothers.

Jeffords and the sheriff go out to see what happened. Tacos has no memory of what happened but as tempers are so short people start talking about taking the law into their own hands. Jeffords go to see Ramon to tell him his father is in jail for murder. Ramon tells Jeffords what he saw but Jeffords doesn't believe him. Ramon decides to try and break his father out, a tough task for a boy of ten or so. Jeffords stops the break in and distracts Ramon by asking him to draw his dinosaur. Jeffords decides the dinosaur looks more like a camel. The cavalry had tried using camels but it was unsuccessful so they let them wander. Jeffords hopes if he finds the camel Ramon saw then people might believe his story about seeing Sarah shoot Roger. Jeffords asks Cochise for help.

Ramon goes to see Sarah Wetherly to tell her what he saw. She pulls out a double-barreled derringer and is about to shoot Ramon when Jeffords stops her. Jeffords brings her in but she claims Ramon tried to attacker her. No one believes Ramon or Jeffords until Cochise shows up with a camel. Then Jeffords remembers the pages he saw in the fire place. Why would anyone start a fire in this heat? Sarah collapses as does her story. Tacos is freed. Better for the town, it starts to rain. The bartender offers everyone including Jeffords free drinks. Jeffords recalls how quickly people were to kill Tacos; he rides out of town.
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