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Kip and Henry's secret is out.
noosic1 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First episode of Season 2. Kip and Sonny have been dating for some time now however Kip has to keep up the charade as Buffy his "sister" in order to keep the cheap apartment. Kip and Henry decide after being invited to a reception for the president of a central American nation whose chief export is tub and tile grout,("Our country may be very poor, but we don't leak") that the ruse is taking it's toll and it's time to tell the girls, but Kip decides to tell Sonny at said reception. A hilarious scene ensues when Kip pulls down his dress top while on stage in front of Sonny just when the curtain opens and there is Kip half-naked for the entire reception to see with Sonny incredibly angry and embarrassed. The rest of the episode shows the boys packing anticipating eviction by Isabel and Sonny finally talking to Kip releasing her anger at how deceived she feels that all the personal secrets she told "Buffy" in confidence were actually told to the man she is dating. This is probably the funniest episode of the entire series. The timing and delivery of Hank's characters are unsurpassed giving the audience a taste of great things to come and the reason he is an A-lister.
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