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Killing Dad
Michelle Palmer1 July 2014
Characters involved: Father and son - John and Johnny Logan.

Main Characters: Hoss and Ben Cartwright. Little Joe and Adam are MIA.

For some odd reason, land tycoon and probably one of the richest men of his time is doing his own cattle drive with Hoss. He's desperate for hands and hires some with questionable reputations. Along comes a young man who seems really nice and all, but he was in prison and now wants to kill his father for putting him there.

The episode was a good one. There's a good lesson about tough love and accepting your family's mistakes and all. The characters were believable.

One thing about having an episode with a lot of character actors is watching several different of our baddies coming together to be bad and good. Every episode is unique, but it's nice to see the actor's character seems to have a lot in common show to show. Good episode.

1 dead.
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Father and son: "tough love".
MrTideman8 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
--This is a story of a father and son: "tough love". The son riding with the wrong gang as a kid being sent to "prison" for a year by the father, the sheriff of Waycross, and the son wanting revenge on the father. After he gets out of "jail" (the two terms used here), he "signs" up with Ben and Hoss on the trail during their cattle drive with cook Hicks and those just joined prior, being Brazos and his boys. They all ride into town for some fun but encounter Sheriff Logan's "deadline" that reads on the sign: "WARNING, TRAILHANDS FORBIDDEN BEYOND THIS POINT!" Ben asking now, and later in the program, if this be an ordinance by him or the town, with Johnny having some words with the Sheriff too, Ben asking why, Johnny answering: "because he's my father". On another day, Johnny meets Melinda Bowers at Jake Rudebar's Saloon and walks her home to the hotel, but past the deadline, where on his way back he encounters the Sheriff, gets locked up, then out, and who returns on yet another day after Brazos and his boys station Ben, Hoss + Hicks back at the camp, but who overtake the two sentries to ride into town for the grand finale.
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