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Friends in low places
Michelle Palmer17 July 2014
Main characters: Carol and Maria Reynolds

Main Bonanza character: Adam Cartrwright

Missing characters: Joe and Hoss

In this episode, Adam gets to travel to Mexico to recover his friend's body for his friend's father, but he is not welcomed when he arrives, and he's told that Carl was a bad guy.

This story takes several twists as he learns that Carl was married, is beaten and threatened to leave, and then learns something very shocking about his friend.

The story gets pretty ugly near the end. James Best, as always, plays a very good baddie with an attitude. You gotta love him!

I just wonder one thing. When they are in the graveyard and Maria learns the truth about Carl, her dress is very low cut - especially for 1961. Did they really wear dresses that low in the 1960's, or was it just not cut? I was a bit shocked...

Dead: 3
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Seeking answers
bkoganbing19 October 2015
An old friend who used to work for the Ponderosa drops by and he has Ben Cartwright read a letter to him as Will Wright's eyes are not what they once were. It's from some sleepy Mexican town and it informs Wright that his son has passed on, no details. So Adam Cartwright volunteers to go to Mexico and seek answers.

It turns out that the deceased James Best was no model citizen and there's a great relief that he's gone. Still the local law Frank Silvera won't talk about it, the widow Ziva Rodann is unfriendly and Pernell Roberts gets beaten up by two locals.

Not one of the better Bonanza episodes, but anything with the presence of the brassy Veda Ann Borg is always worth a look. Veda owns the saloon and she's the only other Yanqui in the village. It's a typical and perfect role for her, her scenes with Pernell Roberts have the typical Borg bite to them.

I'd watch it for her alone.
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