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A nun helps Heath break out of jail after being accused of assault
kfo94944 October 2012
In yet another Heath featured episode, we get a woman named Carla Roberts, who is the daughter of wealthy land owner Homer Roberts, accuses Heath of sexually attacking her. Due to his wealth Homer controls all aspects of this town so an all out effort is given for the arrest, convicting and hanging of Heath.

Heath, without knowing he was a wanted man, stops by a local convent. One of the nuns in the convent just happens to be an old girlfriend Sarah now named Sister Jacob. While at the convent the sheriff along with Homer Roberts come in an arrest Heath and takes him to the local jail. And since Homer controls the town, the trial is set for the very next day which is before Jarrod and Victoria can make it to the town.

Sister Jacob helps Heath break out of jail but for some odd reason hangs around the area building campfires and staying with local people. Why Heath did not go back to Stockton is beyond me.

Anyway a few days later Jarrod and Victoria arrive in the small town. When Jarrod questions the town sheriff, he is thrown in jail. Victoria goes to talk with Carla as a posse is sent out to find Heath. Homer has even offered $100 for each bullet in the body of Heath.

As Victoria talks with Carla it becomes apparent that she has some mental problem. This was something other people knew but Homer just could not see. With Heath pinned down by the posse, Victoria rides out to stop the killing. Will she make it in time?

Even though this script was not bad- it seemed that Lee Majors was not into this show. He has been arrest and placed in jail yet seemed little concerned about what may happen. With his new 'side-burn look' he played the character rather nonchalant for the first half of the show. By the end Barbara Stanwyck had made her appearance and it seemed the show really picked up.

Even with the suspicious writing the show played out well. Nice watch for viewers.
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