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We Interrupt This Program (#7.18)
ComedyFan201016 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Well, they seem to keep attracting psychos and rapists, especially Donna. And this episode looked like a horrible action movie from the 90's but it was just as entertaining in its ridiculousness.

So Evan is one of those "nice guys" who seem to have no social skills but feel entitled to a girlfriend and feel that every girl that smiles at them owes it to them or is misleading. There are plenty of such guys in reality, they are usually not as good looking as the actor.

I was sure they will do something more dramatic like kill off Tracy. But it was pretty harmless.

For the less intense story we got Steve and Clare with their parents. I am glad they let the two be happy. I like this couple more than most of the young ones, they are lovely characters too.
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