"Battlestar Galactica" Saga of a Star World (TV Episode 1978) Poster

Lorne Greene: Commander Adama


  • [Zac's fighter has just been destroyed within sight, but just short, of the fleet] 

    President Adar : What was that?

    Commander Adama : [agonized, bitter]  That was my SON, Mr. President.

  • Serina : We must fight back.

    Commander Adama : Yes, we are going to fight back. But not here, not now, not in the Colonies. Not even in this star system. Let the word go forth to every man, woman and child who survived this holocaust. Tell them to set sail at once in every assorted vehicle that will carry them.

  • Commander Adama : It smells like a trap. It feels like a trap. I believe it is a trap.

  • [Count Baltar has persuaded President Adar that the approaching Cylon raiders are a welcoming committee] 

    Colonel Tigh : Commander, one of our patrol ships is under attack from the main force approaching the fleet.

    Commander Adama : [turning to the viewscreen]  Did you hear that, Mr. President? Your "welcoming committee" is FIRING on our patrol.

  • [Adama and Apollo survey the ruins of their house] 

    Captain Apollo : Maybe Mother wasn't here.

    Commander Adama : [mournfully]  No. No... she was here.

  • Commander Adama : And the word went forth to every outpost of human existence, and they came: the Aries, the Gemons, the Virgos, the Scorpios, the Pisceans and the Sagittarians. In all, 220 ships, representing every colony, colour and creed in the star system. The human race might have one more chance. But first it would have to survive the alliance, the elements and the unknown dark and sinister threats that would lie ahead.

  • Commander Adama : Fleeing from the Cylon Tyranny, the last battlestar Galactica leads a ragtag fugitve fleet on a lonely quest: a shining planet known as Earth.

  • President Adar : I see the party is not a huge success with all my children.

    Commander Adama : What awaits us out there is what troubles me.

    President Adar : Surely, you don't cling to your suspicions about the Cylons. They ASKED for this armistice. They WANT peace.

    Commander Adama : Forgive me, Mr. President, but they hate us with every fiber of their existence. We love freedom, we love independence. To feel, to question, to resist oppression. To them, it's an alien way of existing... they will never accept.

    President Adar : But they HAVE. Through Baltar, they have sued for peace.

    Commander Adama : [unconvinced]  Yes... of course, you're right

  • Commander Adama : I've been sitting here for yahrens, its seems.

  • Colonel Tigh : I know that wasn't easy for you, not telling him. Perhaps you should have.

    Commander Adama : No. I need him down there at the ceremony. If I told him, there'd be no way to keep him from my side. This is MY gamble. If I win, we all win.

    Colonel Tigh : But if you're wrong, Uri will destroy you.

    Commander Adama : I'm not wrong. The Cylons lured me into their deception once.

    [his eyes narrowed in determination] 

    Commander Adama : Never again!

  • Commander Adama : And just what did you think you were doing, volunteering for a mission like that? Sire Uri must be laughing up his sleeve.

    Captain Apollo : What's worrying you more, the mission or your being made to look foolish by Uri?

  • Commander Adama : Mr. President, I request permission to leave the Fleet. I have reason to suspect our home planets face imminent attack.

    [Cylon raiders blast away at the bridge of the Atlantia and portions of the bridge explode] 

    Commander Adama : Maintain contact...

    [the communication image of President Adar distorts, then clears] 

    President Adar : [horror-stricken]  How could I have been so completely wrong? I have led the entire human race to RUIN!

    [a Cylon raider blasts one of the Atlantia's anti-assault batteries and the explosion surges into the bridge, knocking out communications] 

    Commander Adama : [alarmed]  MR. PRESIDENT!

  • Athena : Commander, we're picking up some attack signals between Purple and Orange Squadrons. We don't HAVE Purple and Orange Squadrons.

    Commander Adama : Purple and Orange?

    Colonel Tigh : Starbuck and Apollo?

    Commander Adama : Lord help them both!

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