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The third season ebbs
kevinolzak30 April 2016
"Surf's Up! Joker's Under!" was Cesar Romero's first appearance this final season, and easily his weakest episode, of which he was painfully aware at the time. The Clown Prince of Crime is now content with stealing the surfing prowess of Gotham City's champion Skip Parker (Ronnie Knox), believing himself to be so invincible riding the waves that all the other surfers will follow his lead into a life of plunder and pillage. It's up to Batman to challenge the green skinned masquerader, both shown surfing to stock footage from "Endless Summer," with brief shots of stunt doubles trying not to drown in the water of Gotham Point (California's Torrance Beach was the actual location). One scene of the Batcopter, in its fifth of six appearances on the series, is the usual stock footage from the Batman feature film, John Mitchum (Robert's younger brother, previous henchman to Cliff Robertson's Shame) plays the former surfer-turned-proprietor of the Hang Five, Johnny Green and the Green Men provide the required dance tune. Yvonne Craig has some competition in the eye candy department, with fetching bikini clad Sivi Aberg, previously seen as one of Liberace's concubines, but the all too brief cameo from Batgirl seems even more pointless than usual. An embarrassment from start to finish (though Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara seem to have a good time posing as beach bums Buzzy and Duke), coming at the tail end of the Beach Party craze, Joker returning as foil to the fraudulent Eartha Kitt Catwoman in "The Funny Feline Felonies."
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Wonderfully Colourful Nonsense
StuOz7 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Oddball episode with the Joker making trouble at the beach.

Another reviewer called this episode "boring"?? Well I admit this adventure has a few problems, mainly the plot point of Batman and Robin being turned into surfboards, but boring is the last word in the world I would use to describe Surf's Up, Joker's Under!

I just turned a blind eye to the silly aspects of the tale and just went along with this insight into 1960s surf culture. I am an Australian so I guess by nature I get sucked into all types of beach shows, and I don't often see beach shows where people talk like this.

Once again, those jazzy Billy May music cues keep coming, the music heard over the start is some of his best music so far.

To the critics I say this: turn off your brain and just get sucked into this colourful nonsense! Enjoy!
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Excellent, Ignore other reviews
samwa-2731115 August 2017
This episode, is definitely the best of Season 3, and as good as most of the second half of season 2.

I've seen every episode, some 12 times each.

Surf's Up, has a well-written script; excellent location filming; an accurate account of the surfing culture, and lingo of Southern CA surfing; an excellent musical score; Ceasar Romero ( always great), and much more.

A believable plot, and conclusion.
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The Joker Wipes Out....
justinboggan28 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
...The Writer's Tripe Out.

Holy inferior season, Batman! That's right, Robin. The Joker previously had such dastardly plans as turning the city's water supply into jelly and a device that stopped time, and went forward and backwards, and of course killing the dynamic duo, but here, what is his evil, ominous, deliciously malicious diabolical scheme? Why, to become the king of surfing by way of winning a surfing contest, so that hopefully fellow surfers will follow him and maybe take over Gotham City, followed by possibly the world. Maybe.

This episode is marked by some pretty wooden acting and bad casting by a couple bit part people, and a plot that is tedious and hard to get through, especially considering what we were used to in the first season, and the lesser second season.

The reduced budget is painful to watch here, and seeing Batgirl shoved in pointlessly every single episode, also as painful to watch.

Only pluses: seeing Gordon and O'Hara dressed up as beach bums. An out-of-place classic line uttered by Batman, "You mean that woman talking to her hot dog?". And a surprise: previously Billy May, whom took over as the show's composer for the final season (except one episode in which Nelson Riddle returned, "The Unkindest Tut of All"), had failed to use any of the classic bad guy themes, including not using Penguin's iconic theme, but in this episode that May scored, Joker's theme returns.

If you're one of those people who like to stick it out until the bitter end just for that sake of seeing every episode, then have at it, but prepared to be bored and find you've wasted your time. Otherwise, skip it.
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