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Ralph Manza and J. J. Barry
kevin olzak12 July 2014
"Movie" concludes with Harris preparing a squad room screening of his $22,000 masterpiece, given a budget of only $3000! The always funny Ralph Manza (sixth of seven) makes his third of four appearances as the blind Leon Roth, again a mugging victim, this time accosted by Arthur Duncan (J. J. Barry, fourth of seven), who confesses that it's safer to rob the handicapped rather than a healthy person that knows kung fu (he would repeat this recurring role in three more episodes). Jay Gerber (last of four) plays Howard Fuller, a professional fundraiser for the nonprofit charitable organization The Giving Hand, who tries using force to encourage donations. Norman Bartold (fourth of five) plays the company president, who informs Fuller that he's no longer their problem by firing him. Inspector Luger shows up to complain about his duties as media liaison, wondering why Barney recommended him for the job, conveniently forgetting that he'd asked him to do it! Everybody, cops and crooks alike, has a ringside seat for the porno screening, a 'morale session' inspiring more yawns than thrills (Barney: "I want to see some hardcore, I want to see it now!" Harris: "calm down Barney, it's coming!"). Luger offers up a succinct criticism: "great, you got stuff in there that would gag a maggot!" (Dietrich rates it 'three smiles!'). After Barney gets a call from the department cancelling the entire program, fearing lawsuits of entrapment, Harris can't bear to destroy his 'baby' (Dietrich: "make me a print too!").
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