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It Didn't Get Any Better Than This
mpescajeda4 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This episode of Baretta had the magnificent pairing of Strother Martin and Gary Busey as the crooks long after the former had established himself as one of Hollywood's go-to character actors and during the early gestation period of the latter in one of his typical hyped up bad guy performances. This is all to say that the duo really gave viewers something to look at among many other great Season 2 episodes of the series. A must-see! In one scene (spoiler alert), Martin and Busey get leading man Blake liquored up and tied up in a semi truck they've hijacked. It's his duty to come to his senses, break free of his restraints, and stop them while they are off committing more crime. How he brought himself to perform this against-the-odds heroics was nearly implausible when I first saw this episode during its first prime time airing. That only added to the enjoyment it gave me, and it made me a big fan of the series in general. Say what you will about the now retired Blake, but he was born to play Baretta, and his underplaying of the role in this episode was efficiently on task. Good stuff here.
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Strange journey for Baretta
GUENOT PHILIPPE28 January 2016
The opening scene is outstanding. Two petty hoodlums - Busey and Martin - rob a liquor store and kill the two cops who drop by just at the same moment. They put their uniform and get aboard the patrol car, impersonating the cops. And in the same moment, Baretta nails a female pickpocket and asks the police car to bring him and the girl to the headquarters...And that's when the cop abduction case begins. Strother Martin and Gary Busey, the veteran and the rookie in the business, what a surprise for the movie buff as I am. And this story is absolutely crazy. One of the two hoodlums - Busey - is a frantic drug addict who needs his dose at any cost, and this strange gang of the two hoods and the abducted cop will have to purchase the dope for the runaway cop killer. I won't spoil it any further, but it is an episode to remind of. Directed by Jeannot Szwarc, one French director who, like Jacques Tourneur, made most of his career in the USA.
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