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Now the action is REALLY heating up!
MartinHafer24 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, this is the moment most of the fans have been looking for--an all-out offensive against the Vorlons and Shadows, and Londo's assassination of the insane Emperor Cartagia are finally here! As far as the Vorlons and Shadows go, it's now obvious that neither cares one bit about the fate of anyone and they have been using people in a game of "one-upsmanship" against each other. However, in this game, they never directly attack each other but use the "lower" species as pawns. Sheridan decides to intervene when this stupid contest threatens to destroy a planet with six billion beings living there! As for Londo, it's the last possible moment. Cartagia MUST die as soon as possible because the Vorlon are coming to destroy their planet just to get rid of the Shadows hiding out there. He plans on using a fast-acting poison to stop the Emperor's heart and then order the removal of the Shadows. However, the plan is gummed up when Cartagia catches Londo in the act of trying to kill him, so how all this is resolved is BRILLIANT--and I truly think no one could have done a better job of this than the episode's writer. It's just the perfect moment in the show and how Morden is then dealt with is just MAGNIFICENT. This is a super-satisfying and terrific show--one not to be missed.
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Mischief81017 September 2014
The past two episodes have spent a lot of time exploring Londo's rise to the top of the command chain of the Centauri Republic. Too much time, if you ask me.

I find Londo Mollari to be the most annoying character in the entire series, and to have the better part of two episodes focusing on that buffoon grated on my nerves.

Not enough time was spent during these two episodes developing the overarching series plot involving Babylon 5's role in provoking open warfare between the Shadows and the Vorlons. That comes in later episodes, but those episodes' fabric would be richer had more time been spent here and less time spent on those Centauri goofballs.

If you like the Londo character and his plot lines, then you'll love this episode. If, like me, you regret that B5 didn't kill him off in season 1, you'll go "meh..."
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