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Best episode?
gizmomogwai13 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is my pick for best episode, partly because it deserves it and partly because I wanted a symbolic favourite (there are so many good episodes to choose from). Afternoon Delight is the second season's Christmas episode, and centres on the Bluth Company's office party. This allows for each of our main Bluth characters to have odd adventures running separately but eventually coming together. GOB is running a business he is completely unfamiliar with and is cracking under the stress; Michael and Maeby go the party together; Buster finds a new game; Lucille goes crazy alone.

Most classic elements of Arrested Development are here: Michael's jealousy that his son spends more time with his girlfriend Ann than him, GOB being treated as a loser, an incest joke (Michael and Maeby sing a song and it's too late when they realize the song is sexual), Tobias' Blue Man, and Maeby's isolation. It's all funny stuff, and hey, it's a party.
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"Unfortunately, Buster's newfound skills did not involve lowering gently"
williamrohdemadsen23 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Unfortunately, Buster's newfound skills did not involve lowering gently"

*Gob drops from the hook of the crane

"Ooh. Oh"

One of the best comedic TV-series episodes I have ever seen.

The second to last scene, where Buster tries to be the hero by pulling Gob out of the banana-stand wreckage, and then dropping him not so gently, was so freaking funny!

This was such a comedic stroke brilliance. The elegance of that joke was incredible. One of the simplest, yet best stunts of the Arrested Development to date.

Just after watching that last, I felt to myself that I absolutely had to write a review, as it were such a great episode. I mean, I felt compelled to write one.
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