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A True View Of Archie's Heart
tigger_6824 August 2011
The last episode of the series (the next season it would become Archie Bunker's Place sans Edith) and the last scene between Archie and Edith.

For much of the series Archie referred to Edith as his dingbat, though she once explained that she always considered that a term of endearment as he was too bashful to use more romantic terms like sweetie.

The final scene, in which Archie expresses his true love for Edith is one of the most romantic and heartfelt of any television series. I think many of us can look at Archie and see a little of our dad or a family friend, often not expressive of emotion and yet deeply in love with his wife.

The beautiful final shot of the two embracing was truly a fitting finale for the Archie and Edith years.
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