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Archie on drugs
Jimmy_the_Gent419 April 2018
Business is very slow at Archie's Place, Hank offers him some pills to help him with his depression.

Another lousy Season 8 episode. A Martinez (he was in the 1972 John Wayne movie The Cowboys )plays Archie's new helper at the bar. You know this episode was going to be bad when there is a scene of a dramatic close up of a bottle of pills Hank shows to Archie. This was like something out of a Movie Of Week about addiction, not for a sitcom. The capsules are most likely pep pills though it is never revealed what they are. Archie suddenly has a burst of energy when he gets home and the family suspects he is on something. There is an uncomfortable scene where Archie talks a mile a minute and then suddenly becomes severely depressed. He finally breaks down in tears at the end, one of the worst endings for any episode of this great series. Another sign of it's downfall.
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