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Burt Reynolds heads an excellent cast
kevinolzak27 October 2012
"Escape to Sonoita" features an exceptional cast of up and coming actors, such as Burt Reynolds, Murray Hamilton, and Harry Dean Stanton. James Bell and Reynolds play a father and son pair of truck drivers who make a stop in the middle of the Arizona desert to allow their overheating vehicle time to cool off. Before long, a badly damaged car rumbles into view, carrying two thirsty men (Hamilton and Stanton) who soon reveal themselves to be kidnappers of a young woman (Venetia Stevenson) tied up in the back seat. The villains decide to transport their ransom money by stealing the tanker and heading South for the Mexican border, leaving the three innocents to broil under the harsh desert sun. The final twist provides a most fitting sting in the tail for the hapless kidnappers. 24 year old Burt Reynolds was in his third year on television, while 34 year old Harry Dean Stanton began in 1954, and 37 year old Murray Hamilton from 1951.
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I am not sure what confuses people about this episode
cpotato10102 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This story all hinges on the ability of the father to mislead the two kidnappers about the availability of water, and to a lesser extent, the distances to the nearest help.

He surmised that if it was too easy for the kidnappers, he, his son, and the kidnap victim might be killed sooner, rather than left to die in the heat.

However, the idea of drinking the water out of the car's radiator would have been fatal. Cars since 1926 had been using ethylene glycol as anti-freeze in the car's cooling system, and it is poisonous.

As for the truck, it was used, and had a misleading label on it, so there was no obvious reason for the kidnappers to suspect it was full of water. But what if the kidnappers had asked, or even checked for themselves? For all his claims, the guy in the suit was not that smart.

Also, you do not die from lack of water quite that fast. Even in the hot sun.

It was kind of sloppy writing, all in service of the twist, which was not that interesting.

It is the acting of James Bell that makes this episode of any interest at all.

Other than the looks, Burt Reynolds does not add much to this. Of course, he was just starting out, and he got better. Much better.
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i don't understand
stluke11285 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK.. when i came here to check out if anyone else noticed the inconsistency i immediately saw that it had 8.2 stars. my only thought was this. it's because it had burt reynolds in it. who cares? OK. so now to the inconsistency. at the early part of the show, the old man says that they will wait for a while and start the truck back up and continue going. the radiator was dry. there was no evidence it was a water truck. and the only explanation was that they were going to wait a bit, then start it again and see how much further they could go. then at the end we find out it's a water truck? very poorly executed plot. very unclear. mixed messages sent. 8.2 stars? yeah, right.
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