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Ego Te Shooto.
Robert J. Maxwell22 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A rather routine entry in the series, which is not bad. A young man visits an isolated monastery because the brothers there are providing medical treatment and sanctuary for a gangster. The young man blames the gangster for ruining his life and causing the death of his father.

Everett Sloan is the head monk. He's hardly recognizable, draped in these Capuchin robes and with his wild head of blond hair peeking out from under his yarmulke. Sloan talks about mercy and such to the young man. The young man finally gives up his quest for money and revenge and goes back to the shack that serves as the railroad station. He unexpectedly encounters another gangster. There is a shoot out. The gangster is killed while the young man is returned to the monastery.

The police discover the guy's whereabouts but, after overhearing the kid's description of what happened, one of the cops (Claude Akins) shrugs and remarks, "Sounds like (the gangster) got everything that was coming to him." The cops leave. That kid would have been much more roughly handled by Dirty Harry or Lenny Brisco.

There's no real twist at the ending unless, after the end, having found that revenge is bitter, the young man joins the monastery and turns celibate and forgiving, but that seems unlikely.

I'm beginning to notice that, except for the salary of some of the better-known actors, these budgets must have been tiny -- to the point at which the rooms are barely furnished.
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Revenge is Not Always Sweet!
Hitchcoc9 October 2008
A gangster has been badly injured and is being cared for in a monastery. While there, a young man played by Mark Damon comes, determined to get back some money that was taken from him. He also blames the man for the death of his father, who died, ashamed of his son. There is a third party, a small time crook. Much of the story reveals that the young man has roots in the Catholic church and the Abbott tries to convince him that what he is doing is wrong. Another monk says, "If you look into the face of a man you have killed, you will never be the same again." The young man decides to depart after observing vespers and having a bit of his youth tug at him. Unfortunately, there is a third man after the money, and things get complicated. The weakest thing in the episode is a quick decision made by police officer, Claude Akins. Just a bit too convenient. That aside, it works pretty well.
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dougdoepke13 May 2016
Religiously themed show, featuring pretty boy Mark Damon, an unusual appearance for the series. Damon's youthful Clements travels to a monastery to wreak revenge on a man housed there who stole money from him. Father Vincente, the authoritative Everett Sloane, tries to talk him out of it through their shared religious background. Clements wavers, but will he give it up.

It's not a very riveting entry. Only a little suspense builds as we wonder what the lad will do. But the casting of an innocent-looking Damon pretty much telegraphs the outcome. Still, the ending is subtly ironic if you think about it. Note too, that Brother Jared's appeal to Clements is made on humanitarian grounds, not explicitly religious as might be expected. That way the episode avoids sectarian entanglements with its audience. And I agree with the reviewer who observes that these early episodes appear very cheaply produced. My guess is the money went into casting as it does here with movie vet Sloane. Fortunately, story and acting were uppermost in this superior dramatic series.
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Get Rocco!
sol12185 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS**** It was that crook and two timing shyster David Rocco who had just about ruined young Ray Clements, Mark Damon,life. Having gotten him fired from his job and his girl walking out on him Ray was facing time behind bars for embezzling his company, that he was fired from, of $13,000.00 with Rocco's connivance that's he's now in debt in paying off. The final nail on the coffin was Ray's father dropping dead from a massive heart-attack as a result of Rocco's dirty dealing. That had a looking for revenge Ray rush over to this up-state New York Catholic monastery where a near dead Rocco was being kept, and looked after, in order to finish him off for good.

With Ray trying to impersonate Rocco's fellow crook Floyd Unser, Joe Downing, the head of the monetary Father Vincente, Everett Sloane, sees right through his act and tells him, in knowing what Ray is up to, that Rocco is in no condition to accept any visitors. What's more Ray is told by Father Vincente that the dying hoodlum has made peace with his maker and those he stiffed and wanted Ray to have, which Rocco left in an envelope, the $13,000.00 he stole and left him to take the rap for. Feeling that all accounts are now settled with Rocco Ray decides to get back home to NYC by stopping at the train station that he just came from.

***SPOILERS*** It's at the train station that Ray runs into the real Floyd Unser who's there to grab the $13,000.00 that Rocco left him! In a wild gunfight Ray is badly injured and Unser killed with Ray being brought back to the monetary to be treated for his wounds. Like Rocco Ray soon sees he error of his way in all the pent up hatred he developed over the years against the now truly repetitive David Rocco.

It's the cops who arrive at the monastery who see what Ray as well as father Vicente and Brother Jared (Everett Glass), who killed 11 German soldiers in combat in WWII, saw all along. That killing isn't the answer, only love is, to one's problems no matter what that person did to you or your loved ones. It only turns you into the very monster that you end up killing! And as for the cops they soon realize that Ray in killing Unser did it in self-defense and forget about arresting him leaving Ray to the tender care of those in the monetary to bring him back to health!

P.S As for David Rocco he passed away just moments before Ray showed up to whack him so as it turned out all this in Ray seeking revenge and almost getting killed and ending up killing-Floyd Unser-was totally unnecessary!
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