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  • A mobster kidnaps a scientist and takes possession of his invention. The crook uses the device to damage the minds of people testifying before an investigative committee. The victims die a short time later. Superman races to find the mobster before Lois Lane testifies before the committee.


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  • Synopsis - The Mind Machine Dr. Stanton invented a machine to read and control people's minds to relieve them of bad things affecting them but in the wrong hands the same machine could cause tremendous repercussions, perhaps death. Lou Cranek and henchmen steal Dr. Stanton's machine and use it to control the various witnesses lined up in a Senate Investigation against him as a crime syndicate leader. Stanton's assistant, Hadley, goes to Clark for help, fearing for Stanton's life if he goes to the police, since Cranek threatened him as he stole the machine. Cranek tells witness Wagoner he never heard of Cranek. Wagoner responds by denying ever hearing of Cranek and exiting the committee room rejecting Lois asking questions concerning Cranek. Wagoner was not himself as he left the conference room, hijacks a car, abandons it for a bus he steals. Superman stops the speeding bus, but Wagoner is dead at the wheel. Superman tells Lois his mind was destroyed inhibiting his ability to think. Headlines indicate more witnesses are losing their senses and dying. Lois is next on the stand for the Senator's committee while Clark works with Hadley in locating the machine at Cranek's hideout. Dr. Stanton reads the newspaper of the third witness dying and refuses to be a part of the machine being used for Cranek's crimes. Cranek says he knows how to work it and tunes into Lois beginning to speak when Clark has located Cranek's hideout with the help of radar from the plane he and Hadley are operating. What Clark doesn't know is the hearing is starting earlier than before and he hits the auto pilot switch, knocks out Hadley, changes, jumps out as Superman, in search of the hideout. Superman crashes through the wall of the shack, fights Cranek, Curley, and Al as Dr. Stanton destroys his machine, thinking it brought nothing but bad things to those who perished. Superman asks Dr. Stanton to call the police as he hears the plane sputtering. Superman rescues Hadley by landing the plane as it ran out of fuel and explains to Hadley at the Planet that he blacked out but managed to land the plane safely. Clark gets chewed out by Perry White for being gone when Superman nabbed the crooks and Lois pipes up saying why should she rely on Clark's help when she can always count on Superman.

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