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Effective noir flick
GUENOT PHILIPPE30 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
For once Claude Akins doesn't play here a gangster but a cop, ex Buddy of Stu in the OSS during the war. He asks the help of his friend for an investigation after the murder of a mobster, in which a girl of his acquaintance is involved. But everything gets awry for Akins when the henchmen of a gangster frame him in a drunken driver set-up. So that they can put him under control...

Well no great surprise here, everything is predictable but always this atmosphere that, I am sure, we'll have all along the series.

A crime flick more than a drama for sure.

Directed by George Waggner, one more time.
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Top cop in jackpot
bkoganbing9 November 2017
I guess to keep up the Bailey&Spencer excellent relations with the police and because the man is a friend, Efrem Zimbalist takes on a case involving Claude Akins an LAPD homicide cop.

Akins would never have lasted on the police force after the Miranda decision became law of the land has a particular ax to grind against hoodlum Steve Brodie. Akins has never been able to pin anything on him, Brodie usually kills his way out of a jam.

But this time Akins is in a jackpot for a murder himself and his girlfriend Andra Martin is the key witness.

Of course Stu Bailey figures it all out and the last confrontation scene with Brodie and one of his hoods is a classic.
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darbski9 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** Anyone else see the problem that's right up in your grills? How about the one thing that goes with EVERY stupid decision Stu's good buddy made? For sure: He's a violent alcoholic would be my decision; and yeah - it's a 10 count and he's out. His marriage is doomed, and his career already is, so maybe, at least, they rescue the damsel, but if either one has a shred of guts, he has to let her go, because his life is on a fast track to the gutter. Take it from an Alky in long standing who's doing the talking here. Incidentally, just what was it that made Akins' character a good one in the first place? His ex-affiliation with Stu? Gimme a break. At least they saved the pretty girl, temporarily.
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