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  • NTAC is keen to find Jordan Collier's killer as Tom is desperate to find Kyle.


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  • Tom is looking for his son, Kyle. In the meanwhile, NTAC is looking for Jordan Colliers murderer. Tom ends up figuring out that Kyle is Jordan Collier's murderer. Tom discovers Kyle is being hidden by his mother and Tom finds Kyle. Tom & Kyle talk it over and they decide for him to leave the country. Alana is going to take Kyle to Brussels. Before Kyle and Alana leave the country NTAC arrests a suspect by the name of Roy Keith Marsden and he tries to shoot Jarvis, Diane, & Tom so he is assumed to be person that did it.

    Shawn's brother, Danny, meets with Liv. But that has its consequences. Liv and Danny go to a party where she steals some Percocet and when they get back to the 4400 center they are messing around and she reveals that she stole them and they should get high on them. They get busted by a security guard before they could take any. The next day Shawn demotes Liv from Key 2 to Key 1. Before episode ends Shawn goes and makes up with Danny stating that he doesn't want stuff to get between them.

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