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Jail Break!
ccthemovieman-111 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The action is fast and furious as we witness Jack trying to break Ramon Salazar out of jail. All hell breaks loose, with the cell doors open, riots in all the hallways and Jack figuring out how he and Salazar can escape. That's the main focus of this episode and it has several twists and turns along the way, all of them interesting. At one point, Jack and Ramon are forced to play "Russian roulette."

Meanwhile, everyone in the CTU is slowly hearing about what their boss is doing and are at a loss why, but they aren't turning against him, assuming he knows what he's doing even though it may not be the best course of action. That is, until drug paraphernalia is found in his desk.

The debate starts and the President is on the defensive because of his girlfriend's ex- husband's big lie.

The dramatic ending to this week's show also includes people finding Kyle Singer, but that's almost at the end so we don't know what the deal is concerning he, his girlfriend and the virus, meaning health-wise.
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24 meets Oz
Max_cinefilo8917 August 2008
Moving forward at a breakneck pace, 24 keeps raising the stakes every passing minute, and it just gets better and better.

With the virus threat still not taken care of, President Palmer insists on proceeding with the debate anyway, knowing he has to be careful regarding the potential scandal involving his current girlfriend. Meanwhile, the CTU begins to close in on Kyle Singer, and the situation gets worse when Chloe finds proof of Jack's heroin habit. All of that, however, is child's play compared to what's going on at the prison: having staged a riot to get Ramon out, Jack has to face the side effects when he and his "accomplice" are captured by other inmates and forced to endure all kinds of physical and emotional pain in a desperate battle to survive.

To keep it simple, the main section of the episode is like a softened version of HBO's prison show Oz: the violence is, for obvious reasons, toned down, but the intensity of tone is untouched. The first season of Oz ended with a rather brutal riot, and the 24 rendition of the template serves the purpose of increasing the dramatic tension with surgical precision, promising more surprises in episodes to come. Additionally, in retrospect the break-out scenario may have served as inspiration for Fox's other thriller hit, Prison Break, and THAT can only be a good thing, right?
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Escape through a riot!
Tweekums24 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Having got to Salazar and released the other inmates from their cells Jack still has to get his man out of the prison and that won't be easy with Chase and the guards looking for him and the prisoners going on a murderous rampage. It is the latter group that provides the greatest threat; disguised as guards Jack and Salazar are caught by a group of prisoners and forced to play Russian roulette!

Meanwhile back at CTU they are desperately searching for any sign of Kyle Singer although their attempts are delayed slightly by traitor Gael Ortega. A bigger concern for them is the discovery of heroin in Jack's office; they must determine whether it is affecting his actions.

The presidential debate begins and, just as the president's brother warned, his opponent raises suspicions about his partner; perhaps they should have just paid of her ex after all.

This was a thrilling episode, especially the events within the prison. They were filmed in a way that gave a claustrophobic feeling as there was no way to avoid danger. The 'Russian roulette' scene was tense and it came as quite a shock when the gun fired even if it wasn't a major character pointing at his head at the time. The scenes back at CTU were obviously tamer but no less interesting; the scene where Chloe disclosed to Kim that Jack may have been taking heroin was particularly good and Mary Lynn Rajskub did a fine job portraying Chloe's discomfort at the situation. As the episode came to a conclusion it looked as if the major threat had been thwarted but Jack is still in a dangerous position and I have no doubt that even greater dangers will emerge soon.
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Prison Break
Desertman8410 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack's efforts to break Ramon out of prison go awry when they are captured by a group of inmates during the riot. Palmer begins his debate with Senator John Keeler.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.During a debate at the University of Southern California, Senator John Keeler announced that President Palmer's girlfriend, Anne, was being accused of helping fabricate the results of a clinical drug trial.

2.Michelle Dessler approached Kim Bauer and asked her if she'd had any contact with Jack. Kim explained that Jack asked her to issue a transfer order for Ramon Salazar because he needed to be moved. Michelle revealed that Jack lied to Kim and had broken Ramon out of prison.

3.Kyle Singer tried to hang himself in hopes that the Cordilla virus would die with him. His girlfriend, Linda, broke the pipe from which Kyle was hanging before he could die. CTU Los Angeles agents tracked and located Kyle and Linda and rescued them.

4.Jack Bauer and Ramon Salazar commandeered a helicopter outside of the prison.

Here is the best episode of Day 3 so far.The prison break was simply spectacular.Also,the debate between President Palmer and his opponent is worth the view.
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