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The Interrogation Hour
ccthemovieman-121 May 2007
This is the second week in a row that things were pretty quiet, action-wise, but I'm not complaining. These shows are never boring.

"Interrogation" seems to be the theme of this show: Nina, being interrogated by Tony, for what she knows about this Alvers character that seems to be friends with Amador. (Those two meet, with Amador bringing the virus.) Jack is given a medical exam and is interrogated for his heroin habit. He explains the hows and whys he got addicted (to gain the trust of the Salazaar family, drug lords that were in, I am assuming, from the previous year.

In the meantime, there is a baby issue and Chase explains why he is the father of that baby in the office that Chole has been helping out with, and we see a very small bit in which the President is lied to by his ex-wife, who seems to be an expert in that department.

You can see the ending to this episode coming as Jack warned everyone; keep an eye on Nina. I have to say Sarah Clarke as Nina Myers is one of the most interesting villains I've ever seen.
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"You don't have any more useful information, do you?"
MaxBorg8919 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is justifiably celebrated as one of the best in 24's history, specifically for the bleak but utterly rewarding conclusion. Naturally, there's a whole lot more worth writing home about, as always, but the last few minutes mark something of an end of an era in the show's life.

Picking up from the previous hour, Nina is taken to the CTU and questioned by Tony, something that upsets Michelle a bit, given the history between the two. At the same time, Ryan Chappelle forces Jack to have a medical examination and explain his drug addiction to an Internal Affairs investigator. On the villain front, Amador meets with his associate Marcus Alvers (Lothaire Bluteau) to make the final arrangements regarding the virus, while Sherry (not a real villain, but still) tries to hide her involvement in Alan Milliken's death.

In a way, this episode of Season Three is reminiscent of the Season Two hour in which Nina was brought back to the show: almost every scene takes place in the interrogation room, with a past lover (first Jack, then Tony) asking the questions. This allows Sarah Clarke to use her acting skills to full effect, giving Nina another bunch of moments where she comes off as completely untrustworthy and calculating. The same goes for Penny Johnson as Sherry: a few hours ago, it seemed like she could actually do some good; now she's back to doing what she does best, namely lying and manipulating.

But the most memorable element of the fourteenth hour of Season Three remains the ending, as it marks Clarke's definitive departure from the series. Such an outcome was unavoidable, most will say, but the writers still manage to inject the epilogue with an extra something that makes it slightly unexpected. And that's without mentioning the poetic justice of Nina facing her destiny in the exact same place where she disposed of Teri Bauer two seasons ago - a bit contrived, maybe, but dramatically powerful.
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Will questions be answered?
Tweekums5 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Having arrived back at CTU Nina it questioned by Tony to try to determine what else she knows about Alvers and Jack is questioned by Chappelle about his use of heroin. While neither person wants to be questioned Jack seems the most frustrated; Nina acts as though she is in charge of the situation even when Tony brings in somebody to torture her. Away from CTU; when Alan Milliken's body is discovered it isn't long before the president and his brother learn what really happened despite Sherry and Julia agreeing on a cover story only shortly before. As the episode draws towards its close Nina manages to escape from custody and heads to the server room where she will be confronted by Kim and Jack; both of whom have a reason to want to shoot her.

This was a decent episode although I must admit finding the casual use of torture somewhat disturbing even in a work of fiction... these are meant to be the good guys after all! Despite that I thought Sarah Clarke did a fine job as Nina in these scenes; it was very much her episode. Jack's questioning was interesting too as it demonstrated that he would stick by the truth even though it could harm his career and Chappelle had indicated he'd be willing to a little bit of fabrication to help Jack. Sherry's story continues to be interesting as it looks as if she could be implicated in Milliken's death even though she didn't actually lay a finger on him... it will be interesting to see how things play out with her.
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Violent resolution
Mr-Fusion28 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The door is officially closed on the Salazars and Mexico, and despite the grandiose stateside return of Jack and Chase, this episode settles into a low simmer. Which isn't a bad thing (is this show ever actually boring?) and it does play out nicely as a character examination; Jack stares down a formal review for his drug use while Nina undergoes her own interrogation. Not really sure how to discuss this without spoilers, but it's an episode that rides on moral ambiguity.


Like Jack standing over Nina's dead body with a smoking gun in his hand. The show's best villain has pretty much run her natural course, and everyone here knows that this has been building for years. Still, seeing Jack send Kim away and step in front of the security camera is some heavy stuff.

It's a good dramatic moment. He did what had to be done.

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Someone kills
Desertman8411 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Tony interrogates Nina about Alvers' location. Palmer confronts Sherry when he finds out that Milliken is dead, while a hysterical Julia Milliken begs Wayne for help. Nina is taken back to CTU by Jack and interrogated. She inflicts a critical injury on herself and is rushed to the medics. Nina escapes by killing the doctors and ends up in a stand- off with Kim. Before either of them can shoot, Jack arrives and kills Nina. In summary,here the events that happened during that hour: 1.Wayne Palmer informed his brother, President David Palmer that Alan Milliken is dead. Sherry Palmer told David that she was there when he had a heart attack and died. Wayne asked Julia Milliken what happened. 2.Julia told him that Sherry stopped her from giving Alan his medication. 3.Ryan Chappelle briefed people at Counter Terrorist Unit about the status of the virus. He told them that Michael Amador is in possession of it and is headed to Los Angeles. Their only lead is Nina Myers, who thinks that Amador will be meeting with a man named Marcus Alvers. 4.Amador told Alvers that Nina is out of the picture. Alvers pointed out that she could lead CTU to both of them. 5.While being tortured, Nina Myers moved while Richards was injecting a needle, causing it to hit an artery. Nina escaped from the medical ward and was cornered by Kim Bauer. Jack Bauer intervened and shot Nina, killing her. Torture!!!Torture!!!Torture!!!If one could be critical of this show,its got to be the politics of torture.We see right here how Jack does it to extract information from Nina Myers about the virus.It has been a characteristic of this show and it would probably be remembered for it. Also,we get to see another excellent episode just like the previous one especially when Kim and Nina are about to shoot each other.The tension increases and the excitement heightens up.Also,we get to realize that we have to bid farewell to one of the most memorable villain of 24 in Nina Myers as Jack kills her.
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